Ballers – Is Paintball a Sport? (video documentary)

Spite Digital Productions

Spite Digital Productions
released a very well-done paintball documentary titled ‘Ballers’. The short, 10 minute video has interviews of regular folks answering questions regarding the “sport”. The ultimate question this video documentary addresses is: “Is paintball considered a sport or a mere hobby?”

I believe the argument can go both ways, honestly. It’s an interesting question to address, regardless of it’s stagnation. Watch the video below and then voice your opinion in the poll below that. Enjoy.


5 replies on “Ballers – Is Paintball a Sport? (video documentary)”

  1. Definitely a sport.

    In the future I would like to see a poll “Is paintball a sport or a game?”

    Though I figure most true ballers will vote for sport, it would be interesting how many say game.

  2. Paintball is a sport, a life consuming money hungry pit. I cant get out of it but I dont want to either. I love the game and me and a friend of 19yrs have played for 9 yrs now and often ask the same question, Olympic Game?

    The real question is

    SpeedBall vs. Scenario

    Its all scenario for me.

    Good vid would love to add to my site.

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