Can Your Gun Swim?

Once of Smart Parts’ sales representatives posted on PBN the durability of their electropneumatic paintball markers, specifically their SP-1 and Vibe. Both of these paintball guns retail for about $150 each. These two markers are considered entry/beginner level guns, competing with most Kingman Spyders and the notorious Tippmann 98 Custom. Smart Parts is really trying to win the beginner-level market. Why? Because the average paintballer only plays for about two years… no joke. Because of this, the volume of beginner players is much higher than experienced.

A few months ago I threw together a table comparing the new Smart Parts gun line. I suggest you take a look at it if you’re curious to see how the Vibe and SP-1 will match up against the others.

By reducing and refining the electropneumatic systems that we have perfected in professional level paintball markers, our design team has radically raised the bar for performance, reliability and efficiency that is affordable to the first time player. While both new markers share the same internal structure and operating characteristics, each has its own unique flavor: the Vibe for the player moving fast on the speedball field, and the SP-1 for the scenario player in the woods. –Scott

2 replies on “Can Your Gun Swim?”

  1. It’s so true when you say the average paintball player only plays for about 2 years. I’ve had a lot of my friends join in on the action, only to quit later down the road.

    And I have to agree with the durability of the SP-1.

  2. dang. when i saw “can your gun swim” i thought their was going to be some tippmann gun that could be like subersed in water or something. oh well.
    smart parts is a wonderful company and is now, i think the largest paintball brand to this date.

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