NXe JRNY Hopper
NXe JRNY Paintball Hopper

“The JRNY has arrived”, according to nxejrny.com. This new self-praised paintball hopper has been getting a great response from the paintball community thus far. The NXe JRNY officially hit the shelves February 1st, but with limited supply due to a “software problem” on their first batch (so far so good guys!).

The video below is the NXe CEO explaining the new hopper. I actually think it’s going to perform fairly well on field; unless of course they have another software problem.

Here is a little bit more information about what makes the JRNY unique:

Drive system: The drive system in the JRNY is an “auger” based design. The auger rotates in such a manner that its flights force paint down the neck of the loader at a rapid rate. This produces a few distinct advantages:

* Weight – the auger based drive system is extremely light weight.
* Ease of cleaning – the auger tray is extremely easy to remove. Once the auger tray has been removed, you can simply pull a pin and lift up the auger to clean it.
* Catch bin- the area below the auger in the auger drive tray serves a unique purpose. In normal operation, paint cannot fall down into the area below the auger. However broken paint falls directly into this catch bin. Also any debris such as dirt, or gravel will fall into this catch as well. These means that if you break a ball in your pod and accidentally pour it into your hopper, you will regain normal firing much more quickly than you would with another hopper.
* Gentle on paint – the auger design puts a minimum amount of force on the paint.
* “Pop corning” – the “pop corning” effect is actually used to assist in feeding by re-locating paint from points where it does not feed well, to points where it does feed well. When the hopper is low on paint, the auger slows down to assist in feeding the last few balls, and prevent paint from breaking on the floor of breach of the gun

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  1. I need to get my hands on one of those. I think my most favorite part is the ‘Drive System’. That system seems sweet and would be great for my next scrimmage.

    I’m also would like to know how much it would damage my pockets.

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