Spyder MR Series WEEKLY Giveaway

Spyder will be giving away a Spyder MR1, and Spyder MR2 every weak!

Reigster at Spyder.tv/section/giveaway/mr_series.html for your chance to win one of two MR Series guns. They will being giving away two MR Series guns each week. Win the durable Spyder MR1 Semi-Auto scenario marker, or the ultra fast Spyder MR2 Electronic scenario marker.
Contest Dates: April 10th – July 10th, 2006

37 replies on “Spyder MR Series WEEKLY Giveaway”

  1. hi. im 12 years old and recently got interested in paintball guns. id really like to get this gun because all my friends have some and they go play all the time. I want ot be able to join them when they go so please pick me.

  2. Hello Im Emmanuel Moses and i’ve been interested in paintball guns for two years. Personally i love the smell of paint, or the terrain of the fields. Its like war but safe, anyways i hope you choose me so i can wow my friends on the field since i haven’t owned one.

  3. Please pick me because a few of my friends have one each and they always want me to play so please pick me. I really like playing paintball.

  4. i need this paint ball gun because me and my team are entering a paintball tournament and my best friend is to poor to get the gun and he has no parents his parents died when he was 3 so if you would be kind enough to give me the gun it would make my friend so happy

  5. i’d really appreciate it if you give me this gun because my brother and his friends used to go paintballing all the time but then they sold their guns and i don’t have enough money to buy one. My friends want me to go with them to the fields and play. so please give it to me.

  6. hi im ted daniels and i’ve been ineresed in paintball for about a yar now i watch my friends play all the time and they allways ask me to play but i just tell them that i dont have one yet anyways i hope ya’ll pick me so i can join my friends

    Ted Daniels

  7. hey i wouldnt mind if you didnt pick me.but if you please and thank you.my gun is a spyder xtra and i love spyders but i cant play because my gun broke and to fix it it would cost more than my gun.

  8. please pick me, i wouldn’t be mad if u didn’t but i can’t play anymore because i gave my old gun to my cusin because he had cancer and thats what he realy wanted but now i don’t have a gun so please pick me

  9. hi i would like to win a prize for my little brother his birthday is in febuary an i have no money and he realy loves paintball stuff we are triing to start a team this year called Southern Boyz


  10. I need to get the prize because I don’t have anything to play with and think that it would be reallly cool to play with it.

  11. I would love this prize, I’m pretty new to paintballing and a gun like this would be a perfect gun to start with. Plz pick me

  12. please give me the gun i love spyders and im exspecially interested in the MR series.
    Thank You

  13. i am 12 years old my sisters boyfriend likes for me to play with him but i have no gun to use i have played once and i loved it ever since and it gets to exspencive to rent guns and everything

  14. i realy need a gun but im so broke its not even funny. im tryin to play a tourniment but i got no money to get a gun

  15. i really need this gun i have my own gun but my dad recently had neck surgery and really wants to go paintballin with me but wont go until he owns his own gun.

    thanx i would really appreciate it


  16. hello i am 11 years old, i would really like it if you would choose me, my brothe is 15 and goes paintballing every friday with his friends he always asks me to come but i dont have my own gun plus it is very expensive to rent. i would really love to go with my brother he inspires me so much.

    thank you michael

  17. hi my name is coti seese and my friends always go and i have to keep renting one my dad git in a car crash and he is peralized and now we dont have any money so i can get a paint ball gun and me and my dad always went he starting to feel in his legs

  18. Please pick me my name is johnny age 14 and i love paintball just shooting your friends is priceless also need a new gun to enter some tournaments with my buddies well hope you pick me

  19. Hello, I am currently 15 years old and have never paintballed in my life. I am really wanting to join a team but I have no paintball gun because I do not have the money for it. If you could alow me to have the paintball gun I will be very greatfull and put it to its best use.

  20. Hi, im tim and i live on a farm and its the perfect place to play …but i dont have a good realible gun. all it is, is a blade from walmart. all my friends have nice guns like ions and tippman a-5s. please pick me i would like to go and play paintball with my friends.

  21. hey i really need a new paintball gun and dont have the money so if u would be so kind to pick me i would be thankful thank u for ur time and if u dont pick me thanks anyway for letting me vote

  22. Names Jace Ive Been Paintballing for 3 years my gun that ive been useing just took a crap out on me and my income is a little low so i cant buy a new one. Im and also the captain of a paintball team. could you please help

  23. hi,im surfing all the way from south africa ,you guys have so much more products to choose from.where as we back home can only dream of owning such great guns at such affordable prices.

  24. i really wanna win this gun b/c my friends arw always making fun of me b/c i dont have a good gun and i try to upgrade it but itt keeps breaking. and i was gunna bye one but my mom and i r haveing money prroblems ! so i can’t bye one. my friends has a mr3 and i love it it is fast and neet looking but imm n more into the mr2 and i rele want one soo pick mee thx alot

  25. hi.. im from Dominican Republic. we are get in into paintball here.. my friends ask me to join them and i am trying to get my marker as soon as possible… maybe with you will be easier!! thanx.

  26. Hey i would really love to be given this marker the correct term, I don’t think i have really ever won anything but the chances of me winning are slim because everyone else is trying to get the paintball marker.

    Pick me and u will make my day guys!!!!! . well year!!!

  27. Hi I just wanted to start out by saying that the spyder MR series guns are amazing, their one of the best guns for bush ball I’ve seen. I have played paintball for three years and I have always had spyder as my number one choice for my gun. I had an xtra but I sold it to my friend, now I do not have enough money to buy a gun . I need this gun because my brother and I have gotten all of our friends into paintball and we’re having a bushball game soon. I have been looking for a milsim gun for a while and the mr series are the best I know of.

    Thanks for reading, and if I do not get this gun then I hope the person who gets it really enjoys it.


  28. i really wanna start playing and a MR would actually b a quite upgrade of a gun plus this site it awesome so pick me

  29. Hey, just stoppin bye to say that the MR1 is the Greatest woodsball gun in the WORLD!!! No one ever stood a chance nor will they against my MR1. Right out of the box it shot the most amazing groupings from 75ft. that i’ve ever seen, way better then tippman could ever wish to be. Ok, that was it.

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