PbNation Did It Again

Pissed me off, that is.

The story is short and simple, which makes it even more silly. As you may already know, PaintballGuns.net will be attending the PSP’s upcoming River City Open event to photograph inside the nets. My partner Chris and I will be the ones actually photographing the event, so we thought we should find some teams that actually want their pictures taken. We started a thread in the River City Open PSP section simply saying that PaintballGuns.net will be attending the event, and that we have a pretty open schedule; so we asked for teams that will be playing the event to PM me if they’d like to be photographed for FREE (the keyword here is free).

Does this make sense to everyone? Because that was our only motivation just to make things clear – to find teams to photograph for free. It didn’t, however, seem to make much sense to “Big Head” Ed from PbNation. I was banned the following day for …kmm… “Corporate Spamming”.

Pbnation Ban

What exactly is Corporate Spamming and why am I guilty of it? PbNation says in their rules, “Do not spam PbNation in any way. We sell ads if you want to promote your product, team or website. Businesses are not allowed to start threads regarding their own products or services for sale except in the Paintball News forum. Please read and follow the Industry News rules when making such a post. Pre-order posts are not allowed on PbNation. Please read our complete Advertising and Business Posting Guidelines.

Did I mention that I was an Annual Supporting Member? Before PaintballGuns.net was born I backed up PbNation financially because I knew that PbNation was… Wait, why is PbNation such a good website again? Oh right it’s their… no wait, they have good… uh… They have a lot of users? Yea, that’s all they have. Pbnation is only where it’s at right now because they got in the game very early (2001). Back in 01′ you didn’t have to do much to make your website successful other than keep it active. I’m not saying that PbNation is worthless piece of garbage, I’m just saying they’re a piece of garbage. When is this company going to start acting more professional.

Pardon the rant, but I feel as if it needed to be said.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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  1. hey i fully support that pb nation is an insult to paintball
    pbnation is goin down the drain lately
    hey if u find any more info on the downfall of them can you send it to [email protected]
    if so thank you very much

  2. meh get over it. You can’t honestly tell me that putting pbguns.net was necessary in that post. You also can’t honestly tell me that you didn’t hope to gain a few users through that. What they did was totally understandable and right and you’re just angry cuz they banned you.

  3. Dan,

    PaintballGuns.net is the site we operate under. How is it not necessary? If anything it’s more proper to link to a url if you’re going to type it out anyways – it makes things easier.

    And even if you don’t agree with that, do you really think my personal account should have been banned for simply linking to a website that will be hosting the pictures that we’re going to be taking?

    I’m not angry anymore but I still believe that what happened was wrong, so it’s not about me being angry.

  4. to be honest I would have had the same reaction as the fine people at pbvids.com, to be honest pbnation is the ONLY website that has constant and breaking news regarding the paintball world, outside of it there is nothing other then retyped stories and things posted hours after it was revealed on the nation. that is the issue, there is no where else to go I HAVE to go there I disagree with pbnation on many grounds and they are acting like children, when what it all comes down to is money, they got mad at the NPPL because they wont sell as many stickers/crap with MWAG.

    you made an article about thier reaction and your on Ed’s badside so now when he see’s “pbvids.com” you guys are now the new virtue.

    forums really do need to learn this place in the world and organizers/forum operators need to learn they are no more important then the china man making our paintball gear, you bring us news we visit your site, keep it at that and dont try to control the industry.

  5. Btw Dan thank you for even offering your services free at the PSP event and hosting this great website, keeps me very informed and the games keep me busy at work *which is where I am now* lol.

  6. If you email Ed, im sure he will take care of it. Unless of course he wants no other forms of media anywhere close to PBN. Why not contact the PSP, im sure keely will go for a banner or something. It just helps out their players and their sponsors (assuming you paid to get in the nets)

  7. PB Nation did the same to me, I linked back to darkside and got that Corporate Spamming ban, I no longer can use the same computer to log into any other account I have because when I do it will block that account as well … I agree with you when it comes to being very unprofessional. I also feel that PB Nation is being greedy; they just started a new video upload page (http://www.pbnation.com/videos) to compete with us. I noticed they did the same for pbreview.com as well (http://www.pbnation.com/reviews ) . I think it’s time we fight back, and the only way we can is if we work together… so this is my Goal to find all you honest hatred Team Players who are willing to work together (The possibilies are endless)
    Feel free to contact me team players only 847-514-8785 or [email protected]

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