How To Shoot Faster – Strengthening Your Trigger Pull

It surprises me how many paintballers dance around one of the most elementary ideas of the sport of paintball… ripping paint! Now, I am in no way saying that your paintball skills solely rely on how many paintballs your shoot per second, but certainly you would agree with me that it has some importance. For example: You’re playing in a tournament, you and only one opponent is left in the game. You have the most accurate gun ever made, but you shoot 3 balls per second (BPS). Your opponent however, has his pimpin’ Smart Parts Ion and able to shoot 20 BPS. There is a small chance you would win, but the Ion player is much more likely. It’s just logical. Paintball isn’t just about accuracy, but logic. You must be able to lay down a line of paint at 15-20 BPS in order to provide coverage for your teammates. Point made.

That said, I have humbled myself enough to give a short and simple tutorial on how to increase the rate of your firing speed.

Get a rubber band, preferably two.

Rubber Band

Locate a hand and fingers you’d like to strengthen. Preferably your own and attached to a body.

Proceed to wrap the rubber band(s) around your pointer and middle finger like so…
Rubber Band Wrap

This part is optional, but highly recommended. Wrap the rubber band(s) again around your fingers to create more tension, and in turn strengthen your fingers in a more timely manner. Rubber Band Double Wrap

This is the exercise. What you’re going to do is simply pretend you’re ripping on your favorite paintball gun. Proceed to lift one finger up at a time, alternating up and down, just as you would when walking your gun. Try varying the speed of how you’re doing this. Try going in slow motion, to “rip” the finger muscles in order for them to rebuild stronger than before. Now try going really fast. Up

Do this every day for at least 5 minutes. Every week, see how faster you’ve become by using this trigger pull game as a way of testing your trigger pull BPS.

Force be with you.

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  1. One shot that hits the middle of the lens is enough. If I had my .270 winchester and I could get everyone with out getting shot and it’s a bolt action. Accuracy can be replaced by shooting untill you hit somebody but all at the loss of time. The first shot better hit because as soon as one wizzes by him hes going to duck into his bunker and then you can’t hit him with 1000 bps.

  2. Ok guys, you need to get real and be honest about how fast you can actually shoot. There is no possible way that any human being can pull a trigger 26+ plus times without any bouncing or enchancements, a friend of mine who works at a local paintball shap and was ONE spot away from going into the pro league, has also agreed that there is no way you guys can be shooting that fast. If you are including bounce, then stop kidding yourself, i can set my gun to go on run away with bounce.

  3. My name is lucifer and i shoot 69 bps. NO JOKE, and if you question me damien will eat your heart

  4. 8, i know its sad but ive only gone once and that was with a tipman 98 that has a screwed up trigger so i didnt learn much but i had tons of fun other then the welts. LOL!!!. I smoked a person in the neck from 5 yards away so im proud of my self but the guy had to go to the hospital and have surgery to stop the bleeding and get the swelling down but ll together it was worth it cause that was the first major injury that i ever caused so my parents got mad at me because the person wanted to sue me but they decided not to cause bthey signed the waiver and if they did, we could of sued them back for more money then they would of earned due to the waiver signing so i got lucky and off the hook but i still feel sorta bad for myself to cause the thousands of dollars in hospital bills. I will practice and beet 25 bps even if it kills me but i know i wont get it but i would love to be lucky enough to beth the records but i know for a fact that no one got over 30 balls per second because the world record is like 35 and that was by a pro so all the people that say they got over 50, thats a lie so stop it and tell the truth. I wont get over 20 but i might with the help of a lag. well i g2g eat. BYE PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!

    =) (=

  5. i got 17 with right
    19 with left
    anyone that says they got over 30 is a fucktard
    and ive been shot in the neck plenty and have never had to go to the hospital

  6. dont make up that bullshit lucifer
    69 bps u are fukin lieing there was a fukin huge ass lage or u computer is fukin slow

  7. my finger hurts like a bit after doing that exercise, but i get around 12…im used to a rocker trigger though…

  8. i havent tried the exercise yet but i wont carry my gun around and shoot it in the house (the equalizer was off so it didnt really shoot. i was able to hit 22bps on

  9. try using one of those massage thingies. i got 27 bps with one on low power setting since i couldn’t handle the tension. I gave up since it was probably destroying the internals of my mouse. you could probably get to 60 bps if u could control the massage bumper thing easily on high setting.

  10. 19 with my right
    15 with my left.


    i play guitar maybe that helps??

    ill try this rubber band thing. ill post in about a week

  11. yo i got 32. keep up the good work you guys. this is a good wat to practice your finger skills. come and watch our team ironmen at world cup orlando soon.

  12. a flying ball filled with liquid isn’t the most accurate thing in the world. I’ve never played speedball and i got 27bps.

  13. 20 with my left, 27 with my right. you can do it with a laptop, just hit the same button with both fingers.

  14. i can get 18 on this game but on a real gun i can get around 25-27 haha no joke my mouse is bad too

  15. im at 17 and i’ve been playing for 6 months… didn’t do that thing yet.. im going to try it.. see if i get faster…

  16. Well i only get around 20 and get 15 constantly so I’m good with knowing i can do that much.

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