How to Get Free Paintball Stickers

Many people love free paintball stickers because, I mean who doesn’t love sporting their favorite brands? People do it all the time, sometimes subtly and sometimes not. Not to sound over-philosophical, but paintball stickers do hold a unique place within paintball culture.

When I was 14 years old, I used to send paintball companies letters in mail (yes, snail mail), with a self-addressed stamped envelope, praising the company for their products while asking for for free paintball stickers. Or sometimes you can simply contact them using of their website forms (which is much easy for you). At any rate, make them feel special! Because I loved them so much, they are more than happy to oblige and throw a few free stickers in the envelope, along with their reply. Imagine if you were on the opposite end of that letter. How impressed and proud you must feel that your brand means so much to someone, that they’d slap your logo on their paintball gear, which they paid with their hard-earned money. Writing to paintball company’s main office, Customer Service, Human Resource or anything similar, with a stamped self-addressed envelope back to yourself, is your pathway to getting free paintball stickers from your paintball companies. I wrote you a template for requesting free paintball stickers. I’m not giving you the postage, though, that’s on you, my friend. Everything in red in this template should be replaced by you or the company’s name, the current date, etc.

Dear Tippman Sports,

My name is Kyle Anniston, and I’m a paintballer from Cleveland, Ohio. I first want to say how much I love your company; my friends and I own a lot of your gear.

I’m actually writing to you today to see if you would be so kind to send me and my friend some free paintball stickers, so we can represent your company at home and at our local field. 🙂 I have a lot of friends that I’d like to share these with, too.

I understand that these stickers cost money, and like most paintballers, I am broke as a joke! However, I have included, as you can see, I have included a stamped, self-addressed envelope to hopefully get some free paintball stickers from you. Regardless of your response, I’d like you to know that Tippman Sports rules, and will be sporting you guys no matter what!


Kyle Anniston

Here are some companies and their physical mailing addresses that usually respond to letters requesting free paintball stickers:

  1. Tippmann Sports

    2955 Maplecrest Road
    Fort Wayne, IN 46803
    United States
  2. Shocker Paintball
  3. Luxe Paintball Usa
  4. Virtual Paintball