Not All Paintballs Were Created Equal

Constantly we’re hearing paintballers complain and complain about their paint not shooting straight. Of course many people assume it’s their gun malfunctioning or their barrel is crap. Well… what about the actual paint? We’ve published an article on why choosing your paint is crucial when playing paintball; whether it’s in the woods or at the … – Free Paintball Image Host

A new paintball website has been released. is pretty much the image host of paintball… hence the name “”. Not only does it allow you to upload and share your paintball pictures on the internet free of charge, but it also allows those who aren’t upload anything to view other paintball pictures people have …

Marker Care

One of the most overlooked items in the paintball world is proper marker maintenance. We all want to mod our guns right out of the box but forget to clean it properly. Many gun owners do not know how to tear down their marker clean it and properly reassemble it. This can be bad news …

Which Is The Best?

The question of the year is always ‘Which gun is better’. Well the question is indeed appropriate enough for us to touch up on. We’ve gathered some reviews about the hottest guns on the market right now to see how they stand up against the Eclipse Ego. Read Ego Vs… NOW

Tippmann – A great beginner paintball gun

Thinking about buying a paintball gun? Play a lot at paintball fields but always have to rent your gun and pay the rental fee? Then most paintballers would recommend Tippmann for your first paintball gun. READ Tippmann A Great Beginner Paintball Gun