2006 Angel Speed

2006 Angel Speed Review:

2006 Angel Speed My experiences with the 2006 WDP Angel Speed have been no less than perfect. When I received my first 2006 Angel Speed I was truly amazed. It was extremely fast and incredibly light. This year’s model is 3 oz lighter than the previous. This gun is also very battery efficient. I have yet to have a battery expire. I am very impressed that the marker comes standard with many firing options. This saves money in the long run because the gun doesn’t need to be upgraded to be an amazing marker. The only upgrades that I opted to use were a new Dye Ultralite barrel, feedneck, and Check-It unimount. All of which were a preference and I could have gone without. The stock barrel is accurate, much more so than its competitors.

The marker is very easy to disassemble and clean. Instead of having to get a wrench to access the marker’s bolt, you simply turn a knob and lift the hood. This is very convenient when oiling your gun. When owning this marker, you spend less time maintaining it and much more time enjoying it. WDP has been around for a very long time and has improved their markers each year to be one step ahead of its competitors. This year has been no exception, and the Angel Speed is one of the most dominant markers introduced to the paintball community.

After using this marker, I will only use WDP products in the future.
I would strongly recommend the 2006 Angel Speed to anyone looking to improve their paintball equipment and marker reliability.


31 BPS
Angel Laser-Eyes
Enhanced higher flow cartridge mini-reg spool assembly.
Available in 90 and 45 grip frame options.
New – G7 internals
New – No-kick operation
New – 225psi operating pressure
New – Twist-lock Roto-breech knob

New – Custom Grip cheeks
New – Lighter body – The Speed 06 is nearly 3 ounces (85 grams) lighter than the previous 05 Speed model.
New – Compact design exhaust valve requiring 65% less opening force than the Speed 05 – delivering the smoothest ride in paintball.
New – New bolt with Anti-roll back feature
New – Smaller, flat back solenoid with dedicated porting. Giving higher flow rates than any other solenoid valve

2006 Angel Speed Pictures

WDP Angel Speed 2006 WDP Angel Speed 2006
Angel Speed 06 Angel Speed 2006
WDP Angel Speed 06
WDP Angel Speed 2006
WDP Angel Speed 06 WDP Angel Speed 2006
Angel Speed WDP angel 06

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