2008 Smart Parts Paintball Gun Line

New Smart Parts Paintball Markers

Smart Parts released a few more paintball guns into their 2008 product line. The Ion XE, EOS, Vibe, and SP-1 are all now part of the Smart Parts family. I put together a small Smart Parts paintball gun comparison table with information pulled from SmartParts.com. The table depicts the differences in specifications between the markers, from weight to operating pressure. I figure it will help some people out in deciding which Smart Parts paintball gun is right for them.

Smart Parts Ion XE – $239.99
Smart Parts Ion XE

Ion changed the paintball paradigm by being the first marker to deliver true electropneumatic performance in the casual paintball player’s price range. With multiple firing modes, an aggressive rate of fire and break-beam Vision anti-chop system, the Ion® XE™ continues the Ion® tradition of tournament level performance at a low price. An all new Bolt-Out-Back design makes this new Ion easier to maintain than ever before. One allen wrench is all that is needed to remove the bolt sleeve, bolt and bolt stop from the rear of the marker, providing complete access to the entire bolt and valve assembly in seconds.

Smart Parts EOS – $429.99
Smart Parts EOS

With its unique rapid-charge, low-volume fire chamber and volume control inserts the EOS™ delivers high-end tournament level performance, protected from distance-robbing shoot-down even at the highest rates of fire. Vision anti-chop technology combined with fast and simple single tool disassembly of the entire bolt and valve system gives the EOS™ the reliability and fast turn-around time needed in the staging pits of today’s tournaments.

Smart Parts Vibe – $159.99
Smart Parts Vibe

Low price, high performance. Entry level used to mean low performance, but once again Smart Parts changed the game. The Vibe brings the smooth, accurate, fast shooting performance of true low pressure electropneumatic operation to even first time players with its unbeatable entry level price.

Smart Parts SP-1 – $169.99
Smart Parts SP-1

With its military styling and ultra-rugged lightweight construction, the SP-1™ is built for speed and made to last. With mil-spec accessory rails at every angle and integrated mount points for a stock, the SP-1™ is ready for a limitless variety of accessories. The SP-1™ is also equipped with an integrated tactical flashlight mount right below the barrel, which accepts inexpensive focused beam flashlights at a fraction of the cost of expensive tactical flashlights. Low-pressure electropneumatic operation replaces the outdated spring and hammer designs that power competing tactical markers and allows the SP-1™ to deliver a fast, accurate and quiet hailstorm of paint.

6 replies on “2008 Smart Parts Paintball Gun Line”

  1. I think the SP1 is the most interesting new offering of the bunch. A cheap electropneumatic marker that works for woodsball/milsim folks is a new niche that I think will be popular.

    That said, it’d be nice to see an updated SP8 or other high-end woodsball/milsim offering that was built off the EOS.

  2. here here to that ferret, i owe rep for that and the mustache.

    It’ll be nice to see them playing on oulaw fields.
    see how they match up to the 98

  3. Im getting the eos in december can’t wait! But im trying to figure out what hopper i should put on it in a $60 range. I was thinking a Halo B but im not sure.

  4. why waste ur money on all this smart parts crap there like shiny bricks. they shoot nice when they work but really look into somthin like a rail, mini,or somthing besides smart parts ur just getin into future problems.

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