Eclipse Ego Vs…

Eclipse Ego

Ego Vs….


All of these gun’s are great (4-5-P). I love matrixes, but when it comes down to the field,
Id much rather shoot an Ego, now here the point of the thread, WHY? Although both
great guns, the Ego just lighter by a milestone obviously, not to mention, the Ego can
run on air forever, I personally get over a case on my 70/4500. The Ego also has an
LCD, which is a neat, user friendly feature, although some find LED to be easier.
The accuracy is about the same, as long as the Ego bolt o rings and rammer are lubed
up nice, to allow for the best seal, as far as noise, the DM4 is quieter and runs at a lower
bolt pressure, but the Ego isn’t loud, its about as loud as a viking. The DM4/5/P’s are
amazing guns, If you can’t afford an Ego, go with a used Proto or DM4.

PS: Both guns never break paint


Good guns when taken care of, some people made the issue of a Freestyle vs Ego a huge
deal, the Freestyle is super accurate when tuned up right and correct paint is used, but as
is the Ego! The weight of the 2 is about the same, but I hear the new ND Freestyle is the
same weight! I feel that the Freestyle wiring harnesses, stock, are poorly made, as the
insulant is so thin (I’ve pinched eye wires in half with that harness with EASE) Efficiency is
decent with the HE bolt systems, but still no where close to the Ego! Now, I think the freestyle
has to be just about the quietest gun I’ve ever shot. The FS is also an LED gun, turn on and
ready to go features. What it all comes down to now is reliability, the Freestyle is a good
gun if you take care of it and are VERY careful, the triggers are also a bit sloppy. I’d rock a
Freestyle as a backup to my Ego for sure.

PS: Both guns never break paint


God, don’t even get me started, when the Shocker first came out, all people marveled about it
was the weight. When the Ego came out, people would report back, “Holy crap, this thing shot
so fast and didn’t break a damn ball! Oh yea, and it’s lighter than a Shocker too!” The Shockers
are a very fussy gun, everything has to be perfect all the time. The eyes aren’t too hot either, they
are reflective, so no dark shell paint please (fussy fussy!) The Shocker is light….um….that’s it.
It’s the most inefficient “new” marker out. With SP, it’s like computers, you always need something.
Okay, you buy the gun, yay, the stock barrel sucks, go buy a new one. The feed necks snap, and
do not clamp, go buy a new one, the trigger feels like walking a tree stump, replace that, AND flip
the switch. Now here’s where it gets fun, the inefficient bolt is still stock, the new HE bolt is 100 or 150.
I can’t even give a little PS: Both guns yadda yadda, because the Shocker WILL break paint, not to
mention, I’ve only seen a few working Shockers. Get a damn Ego.


The new timmys are fairly light, almost as light as the Ego, both are pretty eficient, but the Ego a bit
more. The thing I don’t like about timmys is that even if your paint is perfectly matched up, you can’t
hit ME from 10 feet away, and I’m a big kid =). Also, I don’t know why, the timmys like to chop when
not exactly perfectly set up. I must say, they aren’t very reliable, every single timmy for 3 weeks in a row
that I’ve seen was broken, all little problems, LPR not tuned right, or one o ring not lubed, etc, and with
such minor problems, the gun’s were all screwed up, and had to use some rentals. They are pretty nice
when set up correctly, but still not as accurate as I would like.


Eeeek, They have tons of kick, and loud as hell. Not exactly heavy, but not too light either. They have a good
eye logic, but if the paint isn’t the best, might as well buy a blender and throw goo at people. Fairly reliable guns
with good paint though, I would shoot one with Evil paint for sure, but still not accurate with the STOCK barrel,
but with a nice barrel-paint match, it’ll shoot pretty good. Efficiency isn’t bad, comparable to a timmy. The Ego
still wins in every aspect (weight, kick, accuracy, etc)


Pimps/Imps are slow and heavy guns, and very inefficient, Though they require little maintainence, lugging around a big slow gun can be annoying I would imagine. Also, not inaccurate guns, but not very accurate either.


I have never shot one, but damn I want one, but this is what Nicky T of Nexus had to say.

“Our DC2’s haven’t even had a look in, since we were given our Egos to play with

Sonic Borg’

By: andrew_da_paintballa

ok since this is a vs thread and i have seen it pop up a few times i had a chance to test a sonic cyborg next to my ego
The ego is lighter smaller but for speed you really cant say one is faster than the other actually shooting but mechanically you could probably say ego (from waht i have seen and read)
They both shoot ball on ball i think my ego is more accurate because i had the stock barrel on (.693) while shooting .689 paint and the borg was matched up and it wasnt any more accurate than my ego
Efficiency was a little on the borgs side maybe because i dont have everything set up perfectly (get around a case) but i got like a case and a bag off the borg dont know if it can compare with the ego (72/4500)
Verdict is that i would shoot a borg but not over my ego bc its lighter and smaller but they have about the same accuracy and efficiency is close enough not to matter and the price is about the same so its really what you like better but i persoanlly like the ego

My response: Andrew the Ego is a bit more effecient, but might be the same, I get around 2200 shots on my stubby.

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