PSP Pictures Now Up

After a long day in the beating sun, we finally got back to the hotel to post the pictures. Team GSE, Team Shock Kidz, Team Femmes Fatale (all Division 2) are up. More will be added tonight and throughout the next few days. Feel free to rate and comment the pictures. View the pictures here.

We’re Here!

We just got into Omaha, Nebraska a few hours ago for the River City PSP. We stopped by the tournament to pick up our media passes and it looks like this will be a pretty fun tournament. There aren’t as many people at this event compared to the others, but enough to get some nice …

Concerning Downtime

Sorry for the major downtime today. Looks like had a friendly visit by a malicious script that brought down the site for a while. Should be taken care of now. Any questions, concerns or comments can be asked on the forum. Enough of that technical garbage that no one understands, back to paintball 8-).

Getting Your Paintball Tank Hydro Tested

I bet half of you forgot that co2 or HPA tanks even had an expiration date. Well, let’s get educated. Also, this is for those who aren’t sure how to find your paintball tank’s expiration date and if expired, how to get it hydro tested. Most fiber wrap tanks (N2, nitrogen, HPA, compressed air) have … Bans NPPL – Who Should Be Crying?

Sometimes you just have to take stand. This is one of those times. – Ed President of PbN It looks like the NPPL stood up before you, Ed. is the largest paintball forum in the world. The NPPL (National Professional Paintball League) is a paintball tournament venue. They host paintball tournament events throughout the …