PSP River City Open Event Final Scores

Olliver Lang PSP River City Open

After a long week of scorching hot weather, PSP’s River City Open event has come to an end. Here are the final scores:


1st – Boston Red Legion
2nd – Dynasty
3rd – Seattle Naughty Dogs
4th – Los Angeles Ironmen

Open Division
1st – Avalanche X
2nd – San Diego Aftermath
3rd – Team Impact
4th – Tampa Bay Damage

Division 2 Xball
1st – Drama Paintball
2nd – Vicious
3rd – TX Justice League
4th – The Caste

Division 3 Xball
1st – DBS Kidz
2nd – Hersey Heat
3rd –
4th – Fierce

Division 3 5-man
1st – No Limit
2nd – Disposable Heroes
3rd – Team Encounter
4th – PBD

Division 4 5-man
1st – Who What
2nd – DBS
3rd – Marked for Life
4th – Chicago Wiseguys 2

Once again more pictures have been added to our paintball gallery. It takes a while to select the good pictures, resize, then upload them so keep checking back for more photographs.