Brass Eagle Avenger

Brass Eagle Avenger

Are you looking to dabble in the sport of paintball for the first time? Or are you looking for a “throw-around” gun to play with on and off? The Brass Eagle Avenger is a great beginner gun hands down. I have had many great times with this gun and I still own it after three years. I use it as a backup gun but I used it as my main gun for my first year of paintball. I personally think it is better than a Spyder but they are about the same for a lot cheaper.

Brass Eagle This gun has more positives than most people would think coming from Brass Eagle. It hasn’t broken down on me when I take care of it. It has only not worked once and that’s because I didn’t clean after I played a two months before that. It is a very simple gun to start out with. It is very hard to mess up if you have just a little knowledge about the gun. You don’t have to worry about liquid Co2 going into this gun because it works fine off of it. Any air will work fine with this gun. The Avenger can take a beating. That’s good because most kids new to the sport don’t know how to play the right way. So they end up hitting their gun off trees or rocks. Its made out off all aluminum. Its is very light weight for a beginners gun. No electronics to mess up. Can be taken apart very easily. Not much labor is needed to keep this gun shooting. All you have to do is lube the bolt, striker, and the pin in the valve in the body. That’s it.

Now for the negatives. It has no fore-grip to hold onto but it does have a steel braided hose to grab. It is tough thought so you can hang onto that. Its not that accurate but not horrible. A $30 barrel will fix that and once you get that it shoots quite accurate. Loud, you ask? Not that loud but what do you expect from a blowback, beginner gun. Metric threads on the steel braided hose.

Brass Eagle Avenger The Brass Eagle Avenger is a perfect gun for someone looking to get into the sport of paintball. It can be found fairly cheap, but its not cheaply made. I know I won’t get rid of my Avenger. I will most likely have it for as long as I play paintball. So what are you waiting for?

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