Even Paintballers Steal…

I read an article recently about a 15 year old paintballer that had his Dynasty Shocker stolen from him at an NPPL tournament in 2006.

As it turned out, the marker never left Florida, and was recovered this past weekend at Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland, Florida. Braccili was practicing with Team Sentinels, and he noted a Jacksonville Raider holding a blue Dynasty Shocker. He walked up to the player, later revealed to be a new addition to the Raider’s D1 squad and asked to take a look at it. Braccili was shocked to see that the serial number on the marker was the same as his stolen Dynasty. LP, Brian and Trevor (who had possession of the marker) immediately handed the marker to Central Florida Paintball’s John Smith and Smith called the Lakeland Police to investigate. D/S Smith of the Lakeland Police currently has possession of the marker as evidence.

It’s almost shocking how ruthless some people can be sometimes.

There is no 100% theft-proof way to protect yourself from having something stolen from you at the field or through an online transaction. Unfortunate stories like these rise up all the time, and yet some people still don’t learn. With the proper care and attention, you can avoid almost any kind of fraud or theft experience.

Today’s tip is a simple reminder to never leave your paintball marker, accessories, tools, or any type of gear unattended at any time while at the fields. It’s too risky and, in my opinion, just stupid :).

Peace be with you…
And also with you.

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  1. Wow..Ruthless..Truthfully I See It As The Gun Owners Neglect So Now He May Have Learned A Lesson:)

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