Heroes for a Day, the XSV Story

Heroes for a Day

Monkey-with-a-gun, the company that released the highly-acclaimed ‘Cereal Killerz’, came out with a brand new DVD titled ‘Heroes for a Day, the XSV Story’. What’s it about? I’ll give you a hint… Team XSV. Too bad some of XSV’s most popular players, including Nicky Cuba, left the team since then. Regardless, if Heroes for a Day is as good as Cereal Killerz, I’ll be excited to watch it. *Buys a copy*.

The new epic classic from the makers of Cereal Killerz

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Over three years in the making this epic movie is a rare, unscripted behind the scenes look at the professional paintball world you won’t find anywhere else.

“This isn’t a game; it’s a fight. Knuckles bare, fists clenched white, all weapons approved, and the bastards of the world are waiting in the shadows with broken bottles and big grins. And this fight is fought everyday. On long highways, dirty couches and floors, rock hard dirt fields and shaking planes. In foreign lands, lost, hated, broke. It’s the battle to prove to the world that your small part, your pinprick slice of existence, matters. That even if the sun explodes tomorrow and scatters us screaming into the void, we go smiling because we had faith in ourselves, faith to gather a tribe and try to make our own reality. Nobody gives you anything until you make them understand. That’s why we formed this team, to make people understand.”

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