NXT Shocker

NXT Shocker

Introduced last year, the new Shocker NXT takes much from the design of the original SFT Shocker. Included in the new setup, is a standard for any high-end marker today, break beam vision. Another big plus included in the setup is its integrated rail and Smart Parts on/off ASA. The new NXT Shocker comes stock with a different regulator than the SFT. Any SFT Shocker owners can tell you that the bottom of those regulators can cut like razors. Not only is does this new regulator take a different look, it is has an increased flow rate which makes for the highest velocity stability. Because Ion/Impulse threads are becoming so popular, the new NXT Shocker contains these barrel threads.

The new line of Shockers also brings some more noticeable new features, such as the new stock snatch grip and the new body which is milled with a multi-axis CNC mill to make for very intricate designs. To prevent your feedneck from snapping when you slide into that snake, new stronger feedneck threading has been added. Just like those next-gen consoles I know all of you own, loved, then sold on Pbnation, the new NXT Shocker is also backwards compatible. So, if you bought a Virtue board for your SFT Shocker, you can transfer it over to your NXT Shocker no problems.

Mostly I’ve only spoke on appearance and just added features, but this new gun on the high end market does what you expect stock. This thing rips right out of the box, you could pay the extra 300 to 500 dollars on those highest end markers, but this guns shoots with the best of them. Because of the extremely accurate milling, the ball detents fit like a glove. When they need to be removed however, its easy as pie. Just like the SFT Shocker, accessing the bolt and the rest of the internals is an incredibly simple task. You will be especially please if you’ve moved from an Ion to this. The new trigger walks like a dream. Sometimes I just walk through the house “walking” the gun. This triggers ease of use is made possible by being able to fine tune it with its 4 point adjustable trigger. Keeping with the extremely accessible theme, all adjustments can be made outside of the gun.

Smart Parts NXT Shocker (Pink)

As much as I love my NXT Shocker, there are some flaws to it that I’ve never had with my SFT Shocker. The first, and my biggest problem, let me stress BIGGEST problem, is that even though I paid 700 for this gun, is that it comes with a waffle feedneck! That’s right, I didn’t say the awesome clamping feedneck q-lock made by SMART PARTS was on there. It has a waffle feedneck. Nobody was really all that shocked that the Ion came stock with that not so up to par feedneck, but when you purchase a high-end gun like this, you expect an up to par feedneck like in the SFT Shocker. My next beef with the gun is that it doesn’t perform its best in cold weather, but if you get that sweet spot with your trigger and board, you’ll be fine. The last thing I really didn’t like about it was that other guns have got better air efficiency. It does however get decent air efficiency.

My conclusion is that if you want a high end gun that rips out of the box and you don’t want to pay that 1000+ bill, then this is the gun for you. In my opinion this gun is a must buy if you’re on the market for a high end gun. Purchase you a q-lock and a Virtue board and nothing can stand up to this beast.

• New look with multi-axis milling

• Break-beam Vision

• Integrated air system rail

• Threaded trigger and circuit board mount pins

• Forward offset vertical regulator mount

• Harder anodized finish

• Backwards compatibility

• Trigger guard with increased finger space

• Increased vertical regulator flow rate and consistency

• High Efficiency Bolt/Valve assembly

• Integrated, removable snatch grip

• Stronger feedneck threading

• Impulse/Ion barrel threading

• Four point, externally adjustable trigger

• Dual bearing trigger pivot

• Sculpted plunger style dual ball detent assemblies

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