Pb-Addict Merge

I am very excited to announce that has recently acquired, a great paintball forum and information source since 2004. Pb-Addict’s former owner, Jordan (or Killa), has let the site go for the benefit of its growth – since he has backed away from playing the sport of paintball for the time being.

Everyone at welcomes’s forum members – as we will be merging the two forums very soon. I hope members from both sites are now excited for future forum and over website advancements in the near future.

If you haven’t joined our forums yet, you can register here.

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7 replies on “ Acquires”

  1. Well, I didn’t expect to try to sign on this morning only to find a permanent redirect in place. I am a Super Moderator of, I guess we all get kicked out of our positions then :/

    Killa should have put this in a public announcement before this happened. All of the forum regulars aren’t going to know what is going on.

  2. Well, I see the deal has gone through.

    My name is Greg and I was the Assistant Administrator of, and one of the original 3 to start the forum. I’d appreciate an E-Mail to get to know what is happening, and possibly, holding onto some kind of staff postion. Here’s to the future!

  3. Well I was a Veteran/Greeter for PBA, and I just have to say, I’m scared. Seriously, I’m freaked the hell out. Daft told be about this whole thing, but it’s still wierd. Even posting seems off. Ah, I think I’m going to go cry for a bit now.

  4. Yea. I completely understand how members may feel about this change (especially to a forum that looks so different and plain).

    But, rest assure that my decision to purchase was based on dedicating its uses to only grow and more comprehensive and knowledgeable internet paintball forum.

    I’m nothing but open ears to new ideas, suggestions, and even comments on the growth of the site. Anything that will help will be considered.


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