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Below is the description of Smart Part’s newest release – The Epiphany. Not many people are fans of this new gun already. However, if I remember correctly, everyone hated the Ion until its reliability got notice. I wouldn’t be too quick to judge on the Epiphany. Not yet. Give this gun a change before deciding whether it’s a good buy or not.

MSRP is $299.99

Smart Parts Epiphany Info

All Metal Structure – As has become standard for high-end markers, the Epiphany’s grip frame, receiver, body, feedneck and all major components are of all-metal construction.

Adjustable Volume Fire Chamber – The heart of the Epiphany is the all-new adjustable volume fire chamber – a technology first. Utilizing sized inserts much like The Freak barrel system, a player can tune the volume of air staged behind the Epiphany’s bolt. Higher regulator settings and faster valve recharge rates virtually eliminate rapid fire velocity drop off. The result is rock-steady velocity consistency whether the Epiphany Ion is taking a snap-shot or laying out a rope of paint at 15 bps or more.

Super-Light, Fast-Acting Bolt – The Smart Parts Firebolt is a standard feature of the Epiphany. Its light weight allows for super-fast reciprocal operation, increasing potential rate of fire while decreasing vibration. Its efficient design baffles the gas flow delivered to the ball for a gentle push against even the most fragile shells, while allowing a high flow volume for maximum efficiency.

Improved Solenoid Valve and Hosing – An improved solenoid valve keeps the Epiphany Ion consistently responsive over a wider pressure range at both low and high rates of fire.

Magnesium Alloy Body, Grip Frame and Trigger – Olympic class racing bicycle designers utilize magnesium alloys to deliver fantastic strength with minimal weight, and that is what our engineers have done with the Epiphany. The Epiphany grip frame, trigger and body are all manufactured from a state of the art magnesium alloy, making the Epiphany incredibly light with a super-hard chrome based finish. Rubber accent overlays enhance the Epiphany’s finished look while providing better grip friction at key points.

Conical Trigger Bearing – The Epiphany Ion’s conical trigger bearing is suspended between a pair of adjustable lock screws. This configuration provides a silky smooth trigger pull that is virtually free of side to side movement from start to finish.

Rigid Power Button – A rigid power button in the Epiphany grip frame makes power and Vision mode selection easy, even with gloves on.

Break-Beam Vision – Smart Parts proven break-beam Vision technology protects against paint breakage from mis-feeds.

Epiphany Freak Barrel – The Epiphany version of The Freak barrel is included with its own sculpted back section matching the smooth lines of the Epiphany body. Optional inserts and fronts allow this factory included barrel to adapt to changing paint and game conditions.

Advanced Ergonomic Trigger Position – Extensive research and field testing led to the final shape of the Epiphany grip frame. With its slender profile and thin-wall wraparound grips, this frame places both trigger fingers at a 90 degree angle from the firing plane, within the bounds of an expanded trigger guard for optimal walking.

Three Point Adjustable Trigger – The adjustable Epiphany trigger can be dialed-in to suit any taste. Settings for trigger pre-travel, activation point, and post-travel, may all be fine tuned.

Low Profile Positive-Grip Friction Feedneck – The Epiphany Feedneck is equipped with internal o-rings that give it a positive grip on a wide variety of loader neck sizes. Its solid aluminum construction gives it the durability needed for serious paintball competitors.

Integrated Air Rail – The Epiphany grip’s integrated rail system allows standard dovetail air system accessories to mount directly to the grip frame or use traditional inline mounting screws.

Rail Mounted on/off ASA – Positive air system control means longer o-ring and solenoid life for screw in gas supplies. The easy to clean and rebuild design of the Smart Parts on/off ASA means a lifetime of reliable operation. The integral dovetail mount matches perfectly to the Epiphany grip frame’s integrated air system rail for solid, adapter free mounting.

Standard Barrel Threads – The Epiphany uses the Smart Parts standard barrel thread found on the Shocker NXT, Impulse, Nerve, Ion and SP-8.

Strengths From Its Heritage – The Epiphany is not a replacement for the Ion, it is an advancement of the Ion design philosophy into a new higher performance marker, this means it also has the best features from the Ion:

Smart Parts Epiphany Manual

Epiphany Video

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