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How to Buy a Sniper Paintball Gun/Marker

Before buying any sniper paintball gun/marker, you must be aware of its know-how. This requires understanding of the gun, its barrel, and the type of air system used. Thus, you must search only for accurate sniper paintball guns as per your need.

If you can afford a high-end gun, it’s all the better, but do not try to buy plastic guns, as it could be “disfigured” and pretty much suck horrendously. Whatever you buy, get to understand your gun, and how to shoot and maintain it. Here are some of the facts that must be understood before buying the sniper paintball gun.


To have an ideal sniper paintball gun, the most important factor to keep in mind is the barrel of the gun. It is very important that your barrel bore matches with the paintballs you use. You also want a barrel with porting at the end to quiet down your sniper paintball gun. A barrel length of 12-14 inches is most favorable for most paintball snipers. The Tippmann Flatline barrels can prove to be ideal because of their ability to shoot long distances by putting a spin on the paintball. However, do not buy it just for the sake of range, as it may not give good accuracy.


Your gun/marker must be adaptable in two conditions. First, while on the field, it must be able to stand heat, cold, humidity, and dirt without collapsing. Second, the barrel and other accessories must be handy when it comes to upgrades.


The performance of any paintball sniper can be affected due to gun weight. Do not go for the guns that have scopes, stocks, huge barrels, and bulky frames. Before you buy a sniper paintball rifle, think about whether you will feel comfortable after holding it up for 30 minutes straight without moving.


The color of a sniper paintball gun is decided keeping in mind the camouflage while on the field. If you want to buy a nice basic black and red gun, then the choice is perfect.


The sound of the gun should always be low so that it could not be noticed by others, while on the field. A barrel with porting helps, but some guns are just louder than others, regardless of the barrel they have. Therefore, be very cautious about sound while buying sniper paintball gun.

Sight Rails

Beware of the guns that have sight rails. They are not recommended. Avoid these guns if possible. They really serve no other purpose other than making the gun look more “authentic”. But these, this can get you in trouble 

Pump Guns

Always carry a quality pump gun with you when sniping! Pumps are accurate, durable, and cheaper than a similar quality semi-automatic. Pumps also make you more precise about your shots, and they get you mad props if you do well on the field. In contrast, pumps are harder to upgrade than semis. A good semi can be more accurate and durable than a pump.

Therefore, if you consider these above-mentioned points, then it will be easier for you to make a right choice while buying sniper paintball gun.

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