Stuff That Doesn’t Make Sense…

I know most a good chunk of the traffic here at comes from those who are under 18. In no way am I trying to be Mr. Safety or Mr. Perfect here today. There are as many things in paintball that make sense as do not make sense. These are some of the things that don’t make sense. Read on and you will find we can change many of them. COMMENTS ARE ENCOURAGED!

1.) Picking fun at newbie’s. Poking fun at the newbie player because they don’t know what to you (the veteran player) seems like the obvious is just not cool. The newbie’s are the future of our game. Consider taking a newbie under your veteran wing and showing them the ropes. Take the time to invest in your sport and help out a newbie and help them move up the ranks.

2.) An electro that is capable of 20 BPS with a gravity fed hopper on it. Why does this not make sense? A gravity hopper is capable of about 5-8 ball per second. While the marker is capable of 20 balls per second. This combination will blend paint when the marker out shoots the hopper. Sometimes when you are saving up for new gear you have to do this exact thing. Just be aware that you will blend paint faster than a Osterizer at puree mode if you out shoot the hopper.

3.) Cheating. This totally does not make sense. Why cheat at all?, becomes the question. Many times players will cheat to save face or reputation as the dominant player in the game. Or to look good in front of sponsors. Remember if you are caught cheating intentionally it will most likely be game over for you. Sponsors will dump you fast and other teammates will also do the same. They don’t want to be associated with a cheater, do they? You could cheat and maybe no one would see it. But you would know. You would have to go home after the game and look at your cheating self in the mirror. Is this something that you can live with? Is cheating on the field what you have aspired to with all of the money and time you have invested on this sport?

4.) Failing to use safety gear. Firing your marker without your goggles can get you hurt and possibly blinded for life. Always use your goggles even when target shooting or dialing in your marker at the chrono.

5.) Using your finger or other object as a barrel plug. I would not have believed this if I had not seen it myself. Last week when at a field we saw a player using his finger as a barrel plug and then entering into the paint hut. Talk about dumb. Don’t do this. Use approved barrel plugs that actually fit your barrel or use a barrel sock. Fortunately a ref saw this and chased the player down before any harm could happen.

6.) Shooting at people who do not have the proper safety gear on. WHY, WHY would someone do this? It has happened more times than any of us care to admit. When you encounter a player that has no respect for your sport and does things like this it might be a good idea to remove all the o-rings in his marker before he hurts someone.

7.) Shooting at signs, houses, cars, animals, and whatever. This is not only dumb but it is illegal. In many states the charges would be much higher than simple vandalism. Shooting at traffic signs is a dangerous game. People could be killed by your stupidity, all because a motorist could not read the sign because of the paint on it.

8.) Playing paintball with people who fail to follow simple safety guidelines. Their lack of adhering to the rules of safety in this sport shows complete disrespect for the sport and for every player in it. Look out for these people and don’t play with them. Your vision may depend on it if they were to fire their marker in the “safe zone”. Plus hanging with someone like this a a field will probably get both of you kicked out for the season.

9.) Newest edition to the list of ridiculously dumb, which we saw in some “bought paintball plans” from eBay. Making your own barrel plug. This is not only not safe but it also will get you refused admittance to a paintball field. Barrel plugs cost about $2-3 at most. We bought a close out group of them for $1 each and they get used every time we go out for players that don’t have a barrel plug. When you see these opportunities grab them and think of them as an investment in your safety.

10.) Wasting money on some “Top Secret” paintball plans.

These are bad ideas. Our experience with them is that there is little or no substance to them. Many times when there is substance to them they are dangerous. Some of these plans will get you seriously injured. Plus many of them are totally and completely illegal. For your own safety go out and by the real thing. There are several “real” paintball mines and alternatives out there. These plans are not the alternative. We bought our plans from an eBay user “americanbiolabscom”, we are sure this user will change his user name when he reads this.

When we contacted this user they refunded our money (the small amount it was). Had this been a “real deal” it would have been a good idea. Keep in mind this user had good feedback on these plans for well over 100 users. This puzzles us, so you can not rely on their feedback alone. Sometimes you have to go with your gut.

Keep it real, keep it safe.

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  1. I completely agree. I think most of the things listed above is because so many younger age players are involved in the sport (most of the time completely unsupervised by parents). They don’t have the background knowledge, to realize its a stupid idea. On the other hand I know a few not so smart 40 year olds that do the same thing. So go figure.

  2. 5.) Using your finger or other object as a barrel plug.


    hope they are wearing gloves…

  3. Saftey is always first. NO EXCEPTIONS! so please leave the home-made land mines at home. Oh yeah here’s 2 dollars for a barrel plug, (alot cheaper then a trip to the ER.)

  4. Good write up. I’d add on to the list of something that doesn’t make sense is ramping on a $200 entry level marker. Do we really want such inexperienced players to have such fire power? Can we trust them to use it in a safe manor?
    I recently saw a staff member at the field I play at having to set the ramping up on an Ion that a new player had just gotten. The kid didn’t even know how to turn it on, you’d think this would be a clear indicator that he shouldn’t be playing with it?
    End rant of a pump player, go figure.

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