Tippmann A5 & X7 Hair Pin Trigger Mod

Tech Paintball A5 X7 Trigger mod

TechT Paintball came out with a mod for both Tippmann A5’s and X7’s, allowing your trigger pull to be much more sensitive; and in turn shoot faster. Most people prefer lighter trigger pulls in order to shoot faster. The “Hair Pin” trigger mod includes a few pins that the trigger mechanism in both guns use. According to Tech Paintball’s installation instructions, you simply switch around the pins in your A5 or X7 to your own personal preference. Basically you are replacing the pins in the trigger mechanism to reduce the amount of contact there is between the sear and hammer, and reduce the amount of movement that the trigger has. Together these attributes allow for higher rates of fire and a more response trigger.

A nifty little mod for any A5 or X7 owner. You can find the trigger mod for the 98 Custom here.