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WDP Angel One Review

The Angel One is the newest marker released by WDP. The price follows the general trend with their other flagship guns, at 1199 for solid colors and 1249 for fades. It also supports a load of new features from previous models.

WDP Angel One Starting out with the new external features, the Angel one weighs slightly over two pounds (exactly 38.8 ounces with barrel.) It still has the three tube trademark WDP design. It comes stock with its own air source adapter, and a barrel kit. Over all the air source adapter works very well, but can be broken if seated to far forward, or to far back on the grip frame. The barrel kit is light and works well, but does leave something to be desired with the bore sizes only being .691, .693, and .695. It also comes stock with its own clamping rise that can be adjusted to fit any hopper with an allen wrench. Over all the exterior milling looks sleek and flows very nicely.

The Angel One is now powered by a single nine volt battery, unlike its predecessors which used large rechargeable batteries. The board is now compatible with computers, and downloading new software with a mini U.S.B cable is a breeze. Placing a new battery in before each board flash is recommended as it drains power. The board also has every ramping feature you could need, which includes PSP, NXL, and NPPL legal semi-automatic, as well as dwell settings, anti bolt stick settings, and a unique fragile paint setting. It also comes stock with the trademark red WDP laser eyes.

These settings and modes are all adjusted from a black berry type scrolling wheel, and are displayed on the new O.L.E.D system. It is easy to adjust on the fly and makes fine tuning the angel very simply, but some people have noticed problems during cold temperatures with the display.

WDP Angel 1 The Angel one also contains revamped internals made possible by the deletion of the rechargeable battery. Most noticeable is the movement of the Low Pressure Regulator to the back of the left tube. This allowed for more volume and negates the need for a volumizer. It still uses the old style system where pressures are changed by adding or subtracting shims, but it is “set it and forget it.” Overall the new Low Pressure Regulator is provides for good consistency and an ideal pressure of 62 psi.

The ram and valve on the Angel one have also been completely redesigned. The valve sits at the back of front chamber, and the ram sits behind it(while looking at the back of the marker). They have added a new hammer, with less recuperating mass, which allows for an almost kickless marker. The new internals allow for a dwell of 6.5 milliseconds which is extremely low for any marker.

The new angel one bolt is made out of a slick delrin type material. There have been a few problems with the bolt snapping in half, but WDP has recently offered a new free bolt that will cure this problem. It also comes with new ego style detents, which have had some problems with double feeding when using force feed hoppers like the Halo B and the Velocity.

The marker also comes with a new higher flowing solenoid that allows for very quick cycle times. The gun is also accompanied with a high flowing regulator that can be easily removed for maintenance. The Angel one is best used with a low pressure output compressed air tank.

When you receive your Angel One it comes packed into a three part box. In the first part of the box is the barrel tip, a bottle of WDP love juice, and a set of allen wrenches. The marker itself is located in the 2nd part along with a barrel blocking device. The barrel kit comes last in the 3rd part of the box.

As far as shooting the marker I was very impressed when I first received my Angel One. It allows for a very fast cycling time, with almost no kick. Thanks to the “kiss” technology, the angel is very nice to fragile paint, and I had no breaks or chops in forty degree weather. Just screw your tank in, turn it on, and get some of the most consistent, ball on ball shooting of any marker.

Maintenance is a breeze with the Angel One. Simply put a few drops of love juice in the macro line and in the breach, dry fire your gun about fifty times, then take the bolt out and wipe it down.

WDP Angel One All of these new features make the Angel One a top of the line high-end gun, but customer service is also a very important factor when buying a gun. Since the release of the Angel One WDP has released a newer lighter hammer that now comes stock, and a new bolt. The initial problems were fixed for free with a very fast turn around time. If you have any problems with your Angel One, help is near you with the six master tech centers in North America, and the main factory in England.

Overall I would say the Angel one is a good buy. It contains an array of features not seen on any other high end gun, it is backed with good support, and is one of the lightest markers in paintball. Resale value is a problem though, so don’t expect to be able to turn around and sell your angel one for more than nine hundred dollars, but other than that I see no major problems with the gun.

Black WDP Angel One

Written by: Jonathon of PbN

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