ZephyrPaintball.com Store Review

Zephyr Paintball

Hello all. In today’s world of internet theft, online scams, and global warming, certain safety measures are needed to be taken while shopping online for paintball equipment. I’m going to start reviewing new online paintball stores on the net, in order to bring you the assurance you need while shopping online.

Our first review is for ZephyrPaintball.com.

First thing I noticed that was a big plus was the fact that they keep an open review section available for comments and feedback from past customer experiences. Their overall customer satisfaction rating is a big, green, smiley face. This is good :). Since 2004, most customers would shop there again. Almost all were satisfied with the delivery time. Most were happy with the customer support. And most customers were satisfied with their product’s expectations.

Their delivery time is superb. Free UPS shipping over $150.

Paintball cases are shipped for only $5!

Their support team responds in a quick manner. I “contacted” them with a random question about paintball guns, and they responded within 24 hours. This was on Saturday (awesome support).

Overall, I can personally assure everyone that ZephyrPaintball.com is an excellent alternative to the other large e-paintball stores. They always have the most popular items in stock, and at a cheap price. From shipping to support, ZephyrPaintball.com should be considered one of your top stores for purchasing reliable paintball equipment.