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Over the last 6 years of my life, I’ve thought about paintball almost every day in some way, shape or form. Because of this, I’ve had the lovely experience of “trial and error” when it came to gun repair and maintenance. My very first Tippmann 98 custom had the most problems, of course. One night, I was so, uh, “frustrated” with my marker I decided to take a sand belt to it. Lo and behold, it did not fix the problem. I did, eventually, learn how to manage my gun leaks, jams, and electronic malfunctions more patiently. So, instead of hating the manufacturers for releasing such pieces of garbage, I’m opening up a personal ‘Ask Kyle’ sort of deal in our paintball forum. Sort of like a Q&A for paintball.

Feel free to post in the appropriate forum category your current marker, hopper, or equipment problems. Also, if you need some suggestions or advice on what equipment to pick now or in the future, I’d be more than happy to help out! I’ll try to get back to all questions within a reasonable amount of time.

Cheers to everyone!

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  1. First of all..I just want to say….WHAT UP!?….that and your the man for this site! anyways i will get striaght to the point…i’ve played paintball plenty of times…but this was like…years ago…like when all i could get my hands on was a brass eagle tiger shark, stingray II, and a brass eagle avenger..and some 32* stuff….but that was…years ago…no i am looking to get back into it and i want to buy a very nice gun…but the only problem is i only want to spend like $400 tops…so could you help me out and give me some advice to help decide to get what gun…and yes…i looked at meny! thanks

  2. Hi Val,

    First of all, welcome back to the sport. We missed you.

    Let me first say, you’re a bit behind the current technology in the sport… I won’t dance around that. It doesn’t make too much of a difference, but if you don’t understand what break beam/laser eyes are then you may run into some problems.

    Ok, getting to the point. If your limit is 400 bones, I would look at the guns (or “markers”) that normally sell new for around $250. Why? Because it gives you the option to upgrade the gun, buy a nice hopper, or get a nitro tank.

    That in mind, Tippmanns would be a great brand to look into. They would be most ideal for scenerio playing. If you’re not into that, definitely look into the Smart Parts Ion. I hate to conform, because most people are going to recommend that. But I’m recommending it with your needs in mind. It’s a nice marker, with pretty decent stock features (if you don’t want to upgrade). I would, however, recommend a nitro tank be run through it, for consistency.

    There are other guns that may suit what you’re looking for. The Smart Parts Ion probably would be most beneficial for you, partly because of its reputation and the support Smart Parts gets.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free.


  3. kyle:
    thanks a lot…. it did help me out to a point…but i 2 Q’s the first one would be i really dont know what a break beam/laser eyes is or are. my 2nd would be… what is the difference between a smart parts nerve and a smart part ion?



  5. Doc,

    Merry Christmas and welcome to the sport 🙂

    It’s pretty simple. Find a nearby paintball pro shop that has a co2 refill station (most do). Go there, hand them your tank and let them know you need it filled. Depending on the size of your co2, it will cost about $2-$5 for a fill.

    Once it’s filled, go home and screw the tank into the gun. You’ll here the gas run through the gun. Cock the gun if necessary. You should be all set. It’s that simple!

    Let me know if you have any troubles.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


  6. I got an ion for christsmas and when I turn it on the light flashes slowly. The instruction manual said that there must be an obstruction in the chamber but I took everything apart and theres not. PLEASE HElp P

  7. Steph,

    Do you mean you literally can’t get the screws out for adding upgrades to your gun? You’ll need a set of allen wrenches to get inside of your gun 🙂

    If you mean screws as in you’re undecided on what upgrade to get, then what exactly are you looking for? What do you want your gun to perform better in?

  8. My kids wanted to start getting into paintball. I got them a gun. My question is. Can I remove the air tank with air still inside and how?

  9. Daniel,

    Short answer is yes.

    However, what many people don’t know is how to take it out. It’s very simple. No matter what gun you have, with the Co2 tank still screwed in, point the gun to the air (barrel up), and slowly unscrew the tank.
    The reason for this is so the Co2 that leaves the tank while unscrewing the tank is gas instead of liquid. The gravity when holding the gun like that causes the liquid co2 to hit the bottom of the tank and gas to the top. If the liquid escapes instead, it often ruins the tank’s oring, needing it to be replaced.

    Hope this helps. Remember to always make your kids wear goggles when they need to 🙂


  10. Kyle,
    Thanks alot. I spoke to my other friends and they said the same thing about damaging their o-rings. I will ensure that my two boys use all their safety gear. Keep up the good work.

  11. hey kyle my paradox electro is leaking air when i screw in the C02 tank and i was wondering what i could do to fix it .. email me back please

  12. Hey Josh Massie,
    Check the tip of the valve on the CO2 bottle. If the lip is dented then you will need a new valve head(just buy a new bottle). If there is not a dent, check the threads for cuts and dents. If there are not those, check the O-ring for cracks and see if it has been worn down to nearly being flush with the rest of the bottle, if so remove it and replace…That should help.

  13. i dont know how to unscrew my shocker NXT’s vertical o-ring feed in order to place a new Q-lock on.
    how do i do it?

  14. I need help fixing my spyder pilot…..I have a halo hopper and when i start shooting most of the time it starts chopping paint….how can I fix this problem?

  15. Hey, I feel like a retard but I don’t want to pay someone to fix something that could be an easy fix with some advice. Got a Tippmann Custom98 and placed an E-trigger on it(T205002) I think I have it set properly. When I went to dry fire it, it goes cyclic rate when I pull the trigger, when it should be semi.

    Any advice?

  16. Kyle, I’ m new to the game, and I jsut grabbed a used spyder victor, all day it was good to go, then it just started to rapid fire and jam on one trigger pull, and ideas?

  17. I was just bought a tippmann 98 custom and i bought a responds trigger for it i was thnging on buying a flatline barrel i was wondering if this would be a good idea

  18. Derrick – One of my best marker setups was the 98c Flatline with Response Trigger. Just make sure the RT is tuned at its “Sweet Spot” and you won’t be disappointed.

  19. i just bought a refurbished Spyder Pilot (ACS) and i was messin around with everything to see how things work(this is my first gun) and i pulled the bolt back. Problem is i cant get the bolt to go back, i guess u would call this uncocking,Please help me

  20. hey, i bought a stingray 2 probably 6 months back and was thinking about selling it. the problem is it started leaking co2 from the chamber. i know its my gun cause i tried the same tank on another gun. so wats wrong with it and how do i fix


  21. i got a brass eagle avenger and when ever i hook up a co2 tank to it all the co2 leaks out the barrell, whats wrong with it and how do i fix it?

  22. a few years ago my brother bought a stingray paintball gun, hardly used it, then put it in the closet. now i want to pick up the game but i dont want to go spend the money on a new gun. my problem is that i cant cock the gun. i think there might be a piece missing, but im not sure, there seems to be no place to pull on. i know i sound really stupid but im new at this. any help would be great.

  23. HELP!!! I’ve only been out half a dozen times, so I’m still a newbie at this. But Sunday I was out playing, I set my gun down, and all of a sudden it started leaking air through the barrel. So I took it apart hoping I’d fine a broken seal, nothing! I added some Teflon tape to the hose (connections) hoping that would do it too, nothing. I’m not very handy, but thought I’d give you a shot before taking it in somewhere to get it fixed. I have a BT 4 Combat. Any tips would be appreciated!! Thanks

  24. My friend gave me an old brass eagle tiger shark it will cock but the trigger won’t fire it

  25. i have a small problem with my gun…, whenever i put the tank on i can hear the air leaking out from inside where the balls are shot from, i dunno if this is normal or not

  26. hi im just wondering if you could help me with this problem i have a paintball gun its pretty nice but every time i attach the co2 tank to the gun the gun just shoots out co2 everywhere so i figured just the o-ring but it wasnt i replaced the o ring twice and brought it to a shop and they said the o ring was fine … have any suggestons on what to do ?

  27. Kyle i recantly got a diablo wrath used. When i shoot it barely shoots and i can feel air come out the back of the gun can you help me fix the problem? If so i need details cause i dont know much about them.


  28. hey kyle PLEAS HELP! i have a tippmann 98 custom and its been working great ive had it for about 8 months but yesterday we all decide to paintball so i opened it for a routine cleanup but when we got there to play as soon as i screwed in my tank the air started leaking from the inside of the gun you know the place that pushes the paintball froward and i dont know whats wrong i just oiled some of the parts…. PLEASE HELP! Thank you

  29. hey kyle

    somewhat new to paintball but ive got alot of info on it..

    except for this…

    i cant find any specs for the invert mini like the kind of air i need, fps, and ect.

    if you can email me

    thx for the help

  30. what up kyle?

    i am having problems with my piranha pro ts g3.

    had it for a few years now and its been pretty good only now its rapid firing/double feeding whether or not the tank is full no matter what i do

    i had to replace the pure enurgy regulator once allready due to a leake. should i raplace it again?

    please help


  31. Question, I have a 12 oz Co2 tank, It has an On/Off knob. It is leaking air and cannot be filled. But its not the burst disc. Any other ways to fix this? I think it might be the knob leaking. Please help.

  32. I have a Tippmann 98 custom, i just upgraded the trigger and added a drop forward, but now i can not get the gun to shoot semi-automatic, i have to pull back the trigger everytime i wan to fire, any ideas please?

  33. I really need help getting my ion top off of my halo b hopper, its stuck! what should i do?

  34. Hey man…got a problem….
    5 friends…6 counting me with compressed air tanks. Local shop went out of business so we’re basically screwed when it comes to getting our tanks filled. Closest paintball shop with fill capability is 120 miles. IMPOSSILBE! I’ve decided to invest in a Scuba Tank to do our deeds for us. What in Gods name and I looking for? I know I need to buy a “filling station”, but what kind of tank do I buy? Once I get the tank… safely how do I fill my tanks? I understand the dangers behind doing this with no experience, so if you can, fill me in on what to be careful with.

    Thanks so much,


  35. Ahhhh… also…
    I have a 4500 psi tank… as I understand, the scuba tank will only fill to 3000psi… is this a problem. How does 3000 psi effect me?

  36. I have a question i have a diablo wrath and im not really sure about what kind of threads it uses and im wondering if a boomstick barrel with work with my wrath. I’m kinda a newbe to paintball too

  37. Sorry for the lack of posts.

    Rob – Your Diablo Wrath uses the same threading as Spyders and Autocockers. Get a boomstick in those threads and you’re all set.


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