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The Dye DM5 and DM6

Dye DM5Dye DM6

Firstly, I unleashed reviews on the Dye DM5, Dye DM6, and the new Tippmann X7. Each one of these guns have had one of the highest publicity ever on the paintball market. Dye’s DM5 and DM6 are well known for their easy maintenance and excellent accuracy.

Tippmann X7

Tippmann X7

The new Tippmann X7, although, has already had high acclaims for its versatility. In other words, it’s very likely that the X7 will be the new 98 custom – as far as upgrades goes. Tippmann quotes that there are “1000 different looks”.

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Also, more paintball and non-paintball games have been added to our games section. Check it out.

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