3 replies on “Autococker Sale – Why?”

  1. Why exactly are they “dead”? I thought autocockers pulled themselves back together recently.

  2. Well, the prostock they’re selling off looks like the 04 model, which is outdated compared to the 05s completeness, the trilogy series may not have done as well as they hoped and the Superstock is about to be superceded by the worrlock which is going to leave most cockers in the dust. Karnis and the new BlackMagics are also going to be outdated with the Worrlocks revolutionary design changes, but they’ll probably be the lower end of the WGP electros.
    WGP is not going ou of biz, they seem to be trying to make room for the new lineup.
    Whatever the case, these cockers are an amazing deal for great guns…

  3. No they are dead. We dropped them like hot potatoes. Its a shame, i sold my old 99 2 years ago. Technology just advanced and left the design in the wind. Worr Games sucks now, Bud Orr was smart to sell it when he did.

    The down side to the deal is you are stuck with the gun you have. The Worr blade sucks, no one makes aftermartket parts, and getting parts like eyes and eye covers are also very hard to do. Since my 98 I have also owned 3 Karnivors. and have custom built probably around 150 cockers. Including eblade installs.

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