Tippmann or Spyder Paintball Guns (Poll)

It’s an obvious race between the two paintball gun giants: Tippmann and Kingman Spyder. Seeing how close of a race it is, I figured a simple poll will help clarify who’s the dominate company in the paintball industry.

Below is a poll where you can vote either Tippmann, Spyder, or other. Even if you don’t own either paintball guns, if you’ve used either in the past, use that to determine your choice. Choose ‘Other’ only if you haven’t even used a Tippmann or Spyder paintball gun. This will be interesting. I predict a close tie or a small lead for Kingman Spyder.

Feel free to express your reasoning for choosing what you chose.


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  1. I have both on our site in the form of Myspace layouts, however have only just put the Tippmann layout up so a bit early to tell which will get more downloads…. My personal gun of choice is the Spyder.

  2. I owned a spyder. Broke too easy. A friend of mine has a tippy and he doesnt take care of it at all and it still runs perfectly. When it comes to cheap, low performance guns, I say go for whats more reliable.

  3. Tippmanns.

    Spyders are built flimsy and they’re wierdly put together. (WTF is a Vizion cocking system besides something that’ll give me rheumatoid arthritis when I’m forty?)

    Perhaps I’m biased, but I shoot a maxed out 98C, and it lays a wall of paint quickly, with few chops and whatnot.

    Furthermore, aftergame maintenance includes throwing it in a bag and leaving it under my bed.

    Tippmanns are the Kalashnikovs of the paintball world.

  4. Tippmann’s more durable guns, craftsmanship of the gun is alot better spyders are poorly put together, they are just cheap crappy electronic guns, while tippmanns can out preform them and be mechanical, Tippmanns!!

  5. I have owned both for years and it is a simple decision:
    Ease of maintence, upgradablity, superior twin tube design, etc, etc……..

  6. I have to agree with Jimmy. The Tippmann, although reliable, is just too heavy and unweildy to consider a “great” marker. The Spyder has MUCH more upgradeability options, making it have far better potential IMO. I don’t know what’s so hard about taking care of a gun… if it’s THAT much of an issue, DON’T OWN ONE. It’s just that simple.

  7. I voted Spyder, I’ve used and owned both. Spyders are way more easily maintained, easier and cheaper to upgrade, respond better to upgrades and, c’mon, let’s face it, when every Tippmann users mod list starts with “I’ve got the flatline barrel and response trigger…”

  8. Spyder is a hands down choice, for starters it is a much more compact marker, the tippmann is too long and drawn out, it feels more like a rifle than a paintball marker. The Spyder marker is designed around a true tested twin tube blowback design, the electronic spyders are electronic sear tripping markers they are designed to be simple, affordable, and reliable. You can take apart a spyder with a matter of 3 different size allen wrenches, (and maybe a Phillips head) although taking apart a tippmann is similar, if one is force to do a field breakdown (which in this price range you see a lot of) the spyder will win. I know there are Tippy techs here who will claim that Tippy’s are easier to take apart and put back together, and I agree if you tech ONE kind of marker, you are going to be better at tearing down said marker than you are others…

    Also I would like to point out that the Spyder markers are moving in the same general direction of the game, and that is small compact and fast. The speedball market has made our sport what it is today, and the boys over to kingman have realized this, they have listened to the customers and released the VS series of markers which are designed by the players for the players. So I guess if you think about it, Spyder has shown why it is the more popular choice, they are marketing to the area of the sport that is growing, the part of the sport that takes away the “war game” name, they are not making their markers look like real guns, they are not trying to sell the public AK look-alikes, these things are what give our sport that black eye that we have tried so hard to terminate, I agree that milsim has its place and I will not argue that it doesn’t. However when the majority of your markers are of the milsim genre one must question what your motives are as a company. I voted for Spyder.

  9. i putted mah tippy on the ground and ran it over with a truck. geuss what? it borkted. i am soooo pissed now because they said it wouldn’t!!!! why wood jew say sumpin lik that if it wasn’t true? teh medal casing borked, teh barrel borked, now all i have left is mah slingshot. ill bet if i ran that over itd still work. imma buy a spyder now. they dont tell you to run it over wit a truck. ill bet there arent any borketed spyders out there cuz someone ran it over with a truck

  10. Ok, first of all, why would you run over your marker with a gun? I understand the hype – a Tippman is so reliable you can run it over with a jeep and it still works. Blah blah blah. That’s a great statement – IF you’re playing so poorly you’re going to drop your gun constantly, bang into rocks, or be playing on a freeway! But, most fields I know of AREN’T on highways, and most people take care NOT to bang their guns around!

    Tippmans are great guns for the beginner, hands down. They are a semi mil-sim looking gun that appeals to some. They shoot paintballs and that’s a good thing. With the flatline barrel *cough*gimic*cough*, it can shoot a long ways – but when it reaches it’s halfway point, it’s going slow enough and off target enough not to be a threat. But that’s another topic for another time…

    However, not everyone gets their nads off on a military style marker. Those particular markers tend to be heavy, are MASSIVE air hogs, not really that upgradeable as to be different than any other – they’re just in different stages of the final version, and in my many years of playing, I haven’t seen but maybe two or three that were upgraded any differently than the other. Not even going to mention weight and it’s overall size in relation to what is dominating the paintball world right now.

    Kingman, on the other hand, has the market and the beginner-to-more-than-average-player, as well as the different types of paintball play, in mind. Speedball is what the world is seeing right now, although the woodsball type of play is still massive, and with the size, looks and weight of a Kingman marker, moving from the woods to the speedball field is much more feasible.

    You could run over a Kingman with a jeep – with the barrel, tank and feedneck off, and I’m sure it’d be just fine. After all, it’s metal and in a tube shape, so I’m sure it’ll work great. But who in their right mind wants to chunk an investment onto the ground and run over it? Hello! So don’t EVEN start with that argument.

    Kingman markers have MANY more upgrades available for them than tippys do, can be home or professional milled to lose even more weight, looks great with mil-sim/camo annodizing to flashy “look at me” annodizing, is light, fast, small and tight. With the advent of the VS series, the Spyder is no longer just a beginner to low-mid player’s gun. Not to mention that a Kingman marker can be upgraded to be completely different than any other at that person’s field.

    Then there’s the nightmare of taking a tippman apart and cleaning, although it probably doesn’t need it as much as a spyder, a good player will clean their gun everytime they play. Field stripping? Forget about it! In that race, NO ONE can deny that Kingman will beat the Tippy hands down. Even those used to breaking Tippman guns down can’t beat the “pull pin, remove back cap, slide bolt and striker out, swab, wipe, insert bolt and striker, insert back cap, put pin back in, done” ease of cleaning.

    So, break it down.

    Looks: Tie, as this is preference.
    Upgradeability: More options for a Spyder.
    Weight/tightness: Spyder
    Durability: questionable, but I’ll give it to Tippman
    Cost: Spyder
    Functionality/multipurpose: You can use both guns for all sorts of play, but I’d say Spyder edges Tippman out.
    Efficiency BEFORE upgrades: Spyder
    Efficiency with a minimum amount of upgrades: Spyder

    There are more categories, I’m sure, but Spyder will either edge, or out and out win, over the Tippman any day. That is, IF you compare facts and not opinions, because let’s face it – this is an ollllldddddd argument and one that will never get solved.

    By the way, I haven’t shot a Spyder OR a Tippman in a couple of years – well, except for a VS2 last weekend a few times. I prefer a higher level gun myself, but keeping in mind what this poll was about, well, yeah, there ya go!

  11. Tippmanns are great and reliable but they are really to heavy imo. THey may never break but the spyder is a much simpler gun begginers and if properly maintained both are very reliable.

    On the point of tippmanns being able to just be thrown in a bag after games… any player should learn to and perform routine cleaning, and maintenance for their marker. Starting off wrong is just going to hurt a player when they get a marker that requires a more exstensive upkeep.

  12. BRASS EAGLE FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I picked up my talon at my local walmart and must say it rules all. It works great for my super sniper skills, BOOM HEADSHOT!!!!!!!

  13. See what happens when people finally read their email? LOL!

    Hey, my brother isn’t too intelligent up there, is he?!

  14. I don’t get it. I still don’t understand how two molded pieces of super thick metal, unpolished could ever constitute a marker as better simply because someone is stupid and unable to troubleshoot problems that are completely caused by them. Spyder, hands down. VS series > XM7… but I have to be honest… ION > both and within the price range… and apparently so is the PMR now… the internet sucks.

    How does one corrupt lol?!?

  15. I’ve played with both. and Spyder wins. me and my friends do little contests, one team will play with Spyders and the other team would play with tippmanns. and the spyders would normally win. (my team) but i love on how rugged the Tippman are. they take any abuse. I’ve seen my friend drive over is Tippmann. but still i vote Spyder.

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