Eclipse “Aurora” SL74 Ego… Eh.

Eclipse Aurora SL74

Well, I usually get somewhat excited to see a new paintball gun on the market; not this time. Planet Eclipse released this “Special Edition” SL74 Ego recently. It’s basically a black SL74 with an Aurora kit installed on it. Aurora means: an atmospheric phenomenon consisting of bands of light caused by charged solar particles following the earth’s magnetic lines of force (thank you Google). So they call it “Aurora” because of the wide spectrum of colors on the gun. Only 160 were manufactured. Oh wow, I must have one then if that’s the case.

I’m sure it shoots wonderfully. But is it worth $2,000 though? A smart consumer would say NO. However, if you’re a collector, and have access to 2 g’s (i.e. your mom’s credit card), then go for it.

Stick with the 07 Ego or the 07 Redz Ego if you’re a Planet Eclipse fan.

Eclipse Aurora SL74 Specs:

* Unique SL74 features: SL OOPS assembly
* SL in-line regulator
* SL valve guide kit
* SL trigger frame
* SL trigger
* SL Zick Kit rammer cap
* SL Zick Kit rammer shaft
* SL LPR torpedo
* SL LPR cap
* SL LPR body
* SL LPR piston
* SL Cure bolt
* SL contour eye covers
* SL PCB board
* Dual swivel Hi-Flo QEV’s
* 5-piece SL Shaft barrel kit
* Viz-eyes red BBSS system
* Expansion port on PCB

* Ego7 Features: Ultra-lightweight monoform body
* Deftek offset feed tube
* Integrated rammer housing
* Integrated FRM
* Larger valve chamber
* Lower operating pressure
* Micro and Opto switch board
* Dual instrument grade ball-raced trigger
* Magnetic and spring trigger return
* Skinny-fit co-moulded rubber E-star grips
* T-slot rail mounting system
* Capped and uncapped semi and ramping modes
* 9 debounce modes
* Direct-acting solenoid
* LCD display
* Lever-operated clamping feed

* All measurements include barrel (14-inch), OOPS and battery: Length: 536 mm
* Height: 218 mm
* Width: 26.5 mm
* Weight: 859g/1.89lb
* Operating pressure: approx. 285 FPS at 180 PSI with LP valve guide

9 replies on “Eclipse “Aurora” SL74 Ego… Eh.”

  1. def worth $2000, the stock and team sl74’s are the same price, would be alot cooler if the whole gun was aurora like the $5000 aurora nexus ego.

  2. One of the former moderators of (now the forums) had 2 Eclipse Aurora guns. These ones however were full aurora bodies (NOT the nexus but much older) and I think there was a total of about 10 made in total. And he had 2 of them :O

    The reason these things cost so much is because of the process of making the aurora effect. It is an expensive process to do and since the effect is random, they do not always come out looking good, so they cannot mass produce them.

  3. Jordan,

    Thanks for sharing that. I wasn’t aware of the complexity behind designing an “Aurora” marker.

    So, at least you’re paying for something and not just some “so called” limited edition paintball gun. I guess some paintballers are willing to pay big bucks for nice looking designs. That’s America!

  4. oh and that high aurora fail rate is not proven or true. look at the oil slick pm7 (aurora is copyrighted by pe), its the same price as theregular pm7

  5. oscum,

    I did a little more looking around about this colour effect. I read that Planet Eclipse could not perfect their method and that is why they had a high fail rate and only released 10 of those guns initially. The process involves running 20,000-40,000 volts through the metal to get that effect.

    I dont know much about that oil slick pm7 but looking at the pictures it looks more like it is just one of those colour shifting chameleon paint jobs that you can get on your car (I have a friend with those exact colours on his evo). That is just a matter of several coats of some special type of paint. The result is that the colours shift about with the light. The colours on the aurora on the other hand do not shift with light.

  6. nice gun. does the gun thing change colors or does it just stay. i need one. badly. LOL

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