Signatures Series Paintball Guns

I have yet to see why manufacturers sign ‘Signature Series’ deals with the “big shot” paintballers.

I’m talking guns like:

Redz Ego
‘Jeff Orr’ Autocockers
NXT Shockers

You hear names in the industry, but do you want to pay extra to have their name autographed on your gun? I suppose I can see why some people like to diversify from the crowd by have something different, but to me it’s just not worth the money. There are rarely any significant changes to the gun’s performances, so I’d rather shop for cheap paintball guns that perform just as well.

3 replies on “Signatures Series Paintball Guns”

  1. well the redz ego has custom milling (makes it lighter) all the good stuff from redz and ups cool colors the Jeff Orr don’t know anything about it but NXT its a cool luck the triggers are awesome stock comes with HE bolt standard its just not a name on the gun it also has advantages. There are advantages to the Signature series and they are usually worth the extra buck.

  2. The on the EGO redz and other private label guys are just trying to get a piece of the pie. They think their brand names are worth more and they think customers will pay more for basically the same version of a gun. The EGOs and shockers have been very played out as far as private labels go.

    The cocker thats just worr games trying to get someone to buy something. The fact of the matter is the new black magic style gun sucked and the Autococker design is obsolete.

  3. well i think the redz ego is the same thing as the 07 just looks a little different with the milling and colors, but it feels the same as far as weight goes.the private lable shockers look cool but are big and heavy compared to the egos and there gas hogs.and the jeff orr auto cockers are just junk.

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