Ego 7

Ego 7

The Ego 7 was released not too long ago. To most it was a jaw-opener. The looks of the gun impressed me like the previous Egos. The gun only weighs 2.07 lbs, giving the Ego 7 a dominant position as one of the lightest paintball guns ever made. Planet Eclipse claims that the new Ego 7 focussed on improving user maintenance and increasing its reliability. The circuit board proves it will be more user-friendly. But only time will tell whether its reliability is in-check with Planet Eclipse’s statements.


The Ego 7’s new circuit board actually comes standard with the option of playing with both optical-switch OR micro-switch. It’s usually a 50/50 preference between the two, so Planet Eclipse integrated both into the Ego 7… the first of its kind.


Well, the gun checks out after my review. Its reliability is yet to be tested over time. Obviously this gun is not built to be run over with a semi-truck (although that gives me an idea). But if the new Ego 7’s reliability increased even a bit from the 05 and 06 Ego, rest assure and be confident that this gun will do fine on the field and not break down every other day.

Tech Specs
All Weights and Measurements Include 14” Barrel, On/Off/Purge System , Battery etc.
Full Set-Up Ready to Go:

Length: 531mm
Height: 216mm
Width: 26mm
Weight: 941g / 2.07 lbs

Feature List
· NEW Micro + Opto Switch Board
· NEW Larger Valve Chamber
· Low Profile Break-Beam Eyes
· NEW High-Flo Valve
· NEW Lower Operating Pressure
· LCD Display
· NEW Duel Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
· Magnetic Trigger Return
· NEW 07 On/Off/Purge System
· NEW Lightweight Rammer
· NEW Skinny-Fit Co-Moulded Rubber E-Star Grips
· NEW T-Slot Rail Mounting System
· Capped and Uncapped Semi and Ramping Modes
· 9 Debounce Modes
· NEW Direct-Acting Solenoid
· LCD Display
· NEW Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body
· Deftek Offset Feed Tube
· NEW Swivel In-Line Regulator
· NEW Integrated Rammer Housing
· NEW Lever Operated Clamping Feed
· NEW Swivel Stainless Banjo QEV
· NEW Shaft II 2-Piece 14” 0.693” Barrel
· Lower Cyclic Mass
· Less Kick
· Quieter Shot
· Same Excellent Efficiency
· NEW 07 Cure Bolt
· NEW Flusher-Fitting Eye Covers
· NEW Integrated FRM

Ego 7 Video

Ego 7

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  1. I have seen this gun up close. It is a good gun for the most part. Weight is good, barrel is well designed. I like the look of it, but it is not really my style of gun.

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