Ego 8 Released

Planet Eclipse Ego 8
Planet Eclipse Ego 8

The much anticipated Ego 8 by Planet Eclipse has been announced. There have been some small and major changes from the Ego 7.

One of the main features of the Ego8 that has enabled the reduction in body/frame profile and allowed the rear of the frame to come closer to the barrel axis is the development of a completely new QEV assembly. – Planet Eclipse

Basically this means that Planet Eclipse made the Ego 8 more air efficient – a major plus to the gun.

There have been many “borrowed” technologies from their SL74 that are being used in the Ego 8. This isn’t bad necessarily. Maybe they received positive feedback from their SL74 customers saying they were pleased with its technology? Or maybe PE just got lazy and didn’t want to change anything.

Not many forumers have been saying positive things about the Ego 8 so far.


Ego 8 Technical Specifications
All Weights and Measurements Include 14” Shaft II Barrel, On/Off/Purge System, Battery etc.
Full Set-Up Ready to Go:
Length: 531mm
Height: 216mm
Width: 26mm
Weight: 906g / 1.99 lbs

Ego 8 Features
Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body
Deftek Offset Feed Tube
Flush-Fitting Eye Covers
Integrated Rammer Housing
Integrated FRM
Cure Bolt
Zick Rammer and Rammer Cap
Stepped Valve Chamber and Valve Guide
High-Flow Valve
Q-Block – New 1-Piece Dual QEV block
Light-weight Aluminium Regulator Pistons
Superior Coil Spring Regulator Design
Dual Trigger Sensing Board
Duel Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger
Magnetic Trigger Return
Skinny-Fit Co-Moulded Rubber E-Star Grips
T-Slot Rail Mounting System
Major Tournament Preset Modes
Capped and Uncapped Semi and Ramping Modes
9 Debounce Modes
Direct-Acting Solenoid
Black-on-White Transflective LCD Display
Swivel In-Line Regulator
Lever Operated Clamping Feed
Shaft II 2-Piece 14” 0.693” Barrel
On/Off/Purge System
Lower Cyclic Mass
Less Kick
Quieter Shot
Improved Efficiency
Low Profile Break-Beam Eyes
New Clam-Shell packaging
Tool Tube Hex Key Set

You can read the full press for the Ego 8 release here.

Ego 8 Video:

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