Dye DM8 and PM8 Announced

The rumors are true about the release of the new 2008 line of Dye paintball guns. The announcement was quick and to the point: The DM8 (Dye Matrix 2008) and PM8 (Proto Matrix 2008) are coming soon. There isn’t a reliable source for a picture of the new Dye DM8 yet. The PM8, however, can be see below:

Dye PM8

Dye PM8 (Proto Matrix 2008)

The Dye DM8 and PM8 guns will both come with an all new, totally redesigned Hyper Reg that is significantly smaller, lighter, and has noticeably improved consistency and flow. It has been labeled the Hyper III.

The PM8 guns will come standard with an Ultralite Frame. It will contain next year’s stock UL board.

Robin Niehaus -DYE Precision, Inc.

There are a few things I’d like to mention here:

One, I’m anxious to see the official image release of the Dye DM8. I’ll release it as soon as we find it. Feel free to contact us if you get it before us.

Two, It looks as if both the DM8 and PM8 are more geared toward improving the efficiency rather than the cosmetics (looks). As you heard from their press release, the Hyper 3 regulator will be making it’s debut along with the 2008 gun line. This is nothing but good news to me. I have no doubt in my mind that the Dye DM8 will “wow” us as far as milling and overall looks go, Dye has a reputation for that – but really applaud them for taking initiative in improving the air flow and consistency of their markers. Also, despite what most people say about the PM8, I think they look sexy – always have.

Two, expect Dye’s 2007 product line to drop in price. I would hope they will do so before Christmas, but it doesn’t look like it. Regardless of when, it will happen. You should expect a drop between $100-$200 when the DM8 and PM8 release.

The release date for the new DM8 and PM8 will most likely be at the PSP World Cup event, but it isn’t confirmed.

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  1. yo check out the pics of both the pm8 and dm8 at dyepaintball.com and protopaintball.com

    The dm8 will go for about 1400 and the pm8 for a smooth 750. I think the pm8 is the beter deal, because consistently in the past, the pm8 has been smaller and lighter for cheaper. Although i cant say it has better milling, it still rox, and is more maneuverable.

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