Halloween Paintball Giveaway

Dynasty Dysected

In spite of our country’s upcoming spooky holiday, Halloween, we here at PaintballGuns.net would like to give all our visitors a chance to win Dynasty’s high acclaimed Dynasty Dysected DVD. The DVD is jam-packed with useful tips, hints, and strategies to improve your paintball game. Of course they’re not going to giveaway ALL their secrets, you have to work for that prize and maybe bribe some people.

Anyways, this giveaway will operate just like the ones in the past. All you need to do is leave a comment for this post. However, you need to write what you’re doing on Halloween night. Whether it be trick or treating, smashing pumpkins, or throwing a quarter stick of dynamite into your local Blockbuster… We’d like to here it. Make sure you leave your real name and email address (no one sees your e-mail expect us), to assure your entrance into the giveaway.

Winner will be picked Friday, November 3rd.

Happy Halloween.

Paintball Pumpkin

12 replies on “Halloween Paintball Giveaway”

  1. hey this hoolwan my local park is have an hollopaint nighgt inside of holloween well i thought it was kool that yall are doing this for use but i hope you pick me!!


    paint or die

  2. Hey, This halloween me and my friends are going trick or treating.. You can never be too old for free candy right? I’m dressing up as Alex Fraige. He’s my favorite player of all time and I would love to get some of his tricks… Good luck at the cup Dynasty!

    -Matt Bellantoni

  3. Great site like always.

    Halloween prob going to get some free candy. Scare the heck outta little kids. Going after a few pumpkins and getting a few houses.

    Love the site. Come on it daily to see whats new peace

    Matt. T

  4. Like your Ego V.S section influenced my choice greatly.

    My entire team is walking around town in our gear, Jersey, Pants, Mask, Gloves, Pod Pack, And the same tommorow at school. lol jocks will most likely pull my pods out my pack :(:(


  5. This halloween, i will be going to a party for the first part. Than i will be going around the neighbor hood and giving out candy to the little kids.

    At the same time me and my friend will be collection canned goods for our school canned food drive to feed the hungry.

  6. Well most likely I’m going to walk around and go trick or treating with some of my paintball buddies. Then gonna go around and maybe even egg or paintball some houses. Pick me please 😀

  7. Max Schutte: You have to be kidding me right?
    You just said your going to paintball some houses?!? Are you dum in the head. Dont your ever watch the news? That what you just said right there gives paintball the bad name some people think of it. I suggest you re-think.

  8. Sure didn’t end up doing it anyway. Kinda figured that out a lil after posting that. And don’t even start about a sport having a bad name unless you skateboard also.

  9. Iv come here a few times. I like it here good reviews on stuff. I show my friends this site sometimes when they need help that i cant even give them help to. And they usally find it here.

    I really like your guys site. Keep up the work

  10. hey on halloween i am going to go paintball shooting with my friends……. i would like to be better than them so pleas help me with hooking me up with the dvd

  11. My friend has a pretty big backyard so we decided to get speed ball bubbles and all play with big bulky costumes. It’s going to be a halloween to remember. Lets use some new tecniques to own my friends please 🙂

  12. Haha, this is great. Anyways, this year me and my friend have set up a pulley system that goes from my house across the street to his house. It is higher on one side than the other, so you can slide on it.

    We will both take turns gliding across and throwing candy into the street below!

    We will also be dressed up of course, kinda of like escaped prisoners or something. 🙂

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