Kingman Offers Universal Mail-in Rebates $10-$20 Off

Are you planning on purchasing a Kingman Spyder anytime soon? You’re in luck if you are. Kingman Spyder has just opened up a universal Mail-in Rebate program which allows its customers from any dealer (i.e. Xtremez, ActionVillage, or even local stores) to mail in their receipt, UPC code, and coupon form and receive a rebate between $10 to $20.

Of course, there are restrictions. The rebate only applies to the following Kingman Spyder paintball guns:

$10 Rebate

  • Spyder VS2
  • Spyder MR2
  • Spyder Xtra Super Kit
  • Spyder Tactical Sniper Kit
  • Spyder MR1 Kit

$20 Rebate

  • Spyder VS3
  • Spyder MR3

The mail-in rebate program is only effective from October 1st, 2007 to January 15th, 2008 (just through Christmas).

This rebate program is a marketing attempt to sway customers like yourself to choose Kingman Spyder over their competitors (cough, Tippmann) just before Christmas (the business shopping season). Nice move Spyder – you smart. But hey, I’ll take a $10 or $20 rebate if it’s as easy as that.

You can read Spyder’s official instructions on how to claim your rebate here.