Kingman Spyder Gun Trigger Mods


The Kingman Spyder is the most popular paintball gun on the market.  It has been for the last decade.  Why is this?  It’s not because it has the fastest ROF (rate of fire) record, or the best beam-breaking eyes… It’s because of its upgrade availability.  Kingman Spyders have that unique capability to have the crap kicked out of it and still shoot fine the next day.  Because of this, creative paintballers have gone to work, trying to find some way to get tweak or mod the gun to get the best bang for their buck.  We’ve published a trigger mod mod for the Kingman Spyder.  The mod is applicable to most of the Spyders available on the market right now.  It’s fairly simple, and its effects are tremendous.  It’ll increase your rate of fire up to twice as fast.

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