Dye Invision I3 – The Fog Redemption


Did your mask finally crap out on you?  Too many times I’ve had to chuck mine into the Christmas fire due to it either fogging up or the padding gets torn or I just don’t like the fit anymore.  Dye’s new Invsion I3 has made their mark (again) by offering their fancy “Tri-Mold Soft Flex Technology”.  While I have no idea what this means, it sounds cool.  And that’s enough.  Actually what it does is literally molds right to your face’s bone structure.  The foam is soft and comfortable, so no worries there. 

Dye_invision_i3_greyFrom a great company comes another great product, this time in the form of a mask. The new Dye Invision I3 is a newly designed and upgraded mask from Dye Precision that is the newer model of past years’ model, the Invision. The mask is a very customizable mask in the fact that there are many colors to choose from, such as Blue, Red, Black, Olive, Grey, Gold, Yellow, and White. The lenses of the mask are also very customizable in the sense that you can change the lens for different conditions: Clear lenses for a crystal clear view, smoke for a tinted shade that acts like a pair of sunglasses, mirrored that adds a mirrored effect to the outside of the lens but a shaded view much like the smoke lens, and HD lenses for the times when you want to see better than ever. The mask’s strap is also interchangeable and a few companies like Hybrid Technologies make after market straps that add a little flair to the style of the mask.


Dye_invision_i3_redA great positive to the mask is that it is very lightweight, so it will not weigh you down much. In fact, the Invision3 Pro model, a model with soft foam ear coverings, is 20 percent lighter than the regular Invision3 model, making it one of the lightest masks on the market. The vents on the mask are also one of the best, allowing hot, moist air you breathe out to escape and cool, fresh air to come in. A wide range of view is also a key aspect of the mask, allowing you to see anyone and anything you want to on the mask. Anti-fog is one of the most important things a player looks for in a mask, and the Invision3 has no problem keep fog off the lens. The foam is 2-layered foam that provides a moisture-wicking property to keep the sweat out of your ear and out of your game.


Dye_invision_i3_yellowOne of the few downsides to the mask is the lens changing process. While one of the nicest masks on the market, changing the lens can be a hassle. It consists of many tabs that need to be removed from a soft plastic that is very hard to control. It is one of the few things the manufactures failed to improve on over the years.

While changing the lens can be a big hassle, I certainly recommend this mask to a player who is looking for a lightweight, high quality mask. I also suggest getting the Pro model. While it costs a little more, the soft ears are made of a Coolmax formation that lets out hot air coming from the rough play of the game. The regular Invision I3 retails at about $85.95 and the pro model retails at $99.95.


Get it here for $69.95 – In Stock!


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  2. If you get shot in the face with that mask will the paint easily splater through the vent into your eye.

    Im asking because i got shot in those vents and the paint all srayed into my eye.

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