Paintball Cruise?

Paintball Cruise

So I was thumbing through PB2X magazine and saw that there’s a “Paintball Cruise” provided by Carnival and sponsored by Kingman, Virtue, and Xhaled. The deadline was June 1st, so you missed your chance. But Ollie Lang, Matty Marshall, Nicky Cuba, Bea Youngs, and Lisa Harvey are all planning to be there. Don’t get me wrong, a cruise sounds great – But I think it will flop. I just find it hard to see how out of all things, a cruise is chosen for a paintballers vacation. Paintballers are one of the poorest athletes out there, and they’re asking for each person to cough up $500 a ticket. So I’m not too sure what the point of having a “paintball cruise” is, but whatever floats your boat. Check out if you’d like to read more about it.

3 replies on “Paintball Cruise?”

  1. I also find it funny that they would choose a cruise instead of something more extreme like an amusement park with roller coasters or something similar.

    The $500 does seem out of most paintballer’s budget, which includs me.

  2. I just don’t see what ballers are going to do on a boat? Its not like they will set up a playing field, and most players in paintball are under 21 so hitting the bar for however long is out.

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