PSP Prices Rise Again

Prices for this year’s PSP events are rising faster than gasoline. In 2006, admission for spectators was free and it only cost $100 to get a media pass to film inside the nets. Registration for teams weren’t nearly as high as they are now.

Tickets are $15 each day or $50 for the event.

– Keely Watson

Starting on Monday, May 28th entry fees will increase to the following:

* Open Xball – $2950
* D2 Xball – $2700
* D3 Xball – $2600
* Masters Division – $1700
* D2 5-man – $1500
* D3 5-man (Fri-Sun) – $1300
* D3 5-man (Sat-Sun) – $1500
* D4 5-man (Fri-Sun) – $1100
* D4 5-man (Sat-Sun) – $1300

– Keely Watson

Another interesting statistic: It costs paintball vendors $80,000 PER EVENT to sell their paint to players.

Another one: Two years ago I got my very first press pass for free from Keely Watson. The next year (last year), it cost me $100. This year it jumped to $1200 PER EVENT.

I don’t mean to discredit Lane Wright (owner) or the PSP events in general; But I can’t help but wonder how the paintball community will respond to the unsteady increase in prices for admission, registration, and press.

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