Paintball – Some Random Facts

I’m the kind of guy who loves a good statistic, don’t you? Here’s a list of random facts and statistics relating to paintball in some way:

  • Searching for ‘paintball‘ on Google, there are 22.5 Million returned results. is ranked 10th (bottom of first page).
  • Our paintball game has recently reached the 1 MILLIONTH game play.
  • Paintball has actually declined in popularity these last few years according to Google.
  • Ever wondered about the patents you see branded on every single piece of paintball equipment you have? You can read and view designs of every single patent related to paintball here.
  • Paintball was once illegal in New Jersey.
  • The possession of any kind of paintball marker/gun is currently illegal in many countries (Australia, Trinidad, Tobago, etc).

These are just a few of many interesting statistics regarding the paintball industry. Google is obviously a huge tool that helps spread the popularity and information on paintball. So, thanks Goog. Also, thanks to PB2X magazine for the idea of sharing such statistics on the sport.

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  1. Jordan,

    Yea I don’t believe that the sport is illegal in itself. I believe they banned the possession of any kind of paintball gun, marker, or firing device to the open public. In other words, you can only play at the fields.

    I actually pulled that information from a Trinidad citizen’s personal web blog, so I assume it’s correct. If you hear otherwise, let me know and I’ll check it out.

    But yea, I should have been more clear in the first post… *fixes it*

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