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Paintball on Fox

The NPPL has arranged a contract for a 13 episode series on Fox Sports Net titled ‘Xtreme Paintball: Beyond the Paint’. Beginning October 2nd at 4:30 pm (in all time zones), the new paintball television series will air a new episode every Tuesday for 13 weeks (hence the 13 episodes).

What’s the show about?
Thanks for asking. It’s not what you probably thought it was when you first heard about it. It isn’t a game coverage show where they simply air the games at the NPPL like you’ve seen before.

The 13-part docu-drama series will be showcasing the lives, personalities and culture of the sport of paintball. The viewer will see the players as people before they see them as athletes. By using a wide spectrum of features, the show will breakdown the paintball industry with segments on globalization, Hollywood appeal, as well as the business of paintball and technology. -NPPL

Xtreme Paintball – Fox Sports Net SCHEDULE:
October 2, 2007: 4:30PM
October 9, 2007: 4:30PM
October 16, 2007: 4:30PM
October 23, 2007: 4:30PM
October 30, 2007: 4:30PM
November 6, 2007: 4:30PM
November 13, 2007: 4:30PM
November 20, 2007: 4:30PM
November 27, 2007: 4:30PM
December 4, 2007: 4:30PM
December 11, 2007: 4:30PM
December 18, 2007: 4:30PM
December 25, 2007: 4:30PM

I have high hopes for this new TV series. It looks promising. Spyder announced that they’ll be airing a 30-second TV advertisement. You can also read more about the show at the NPPL website.

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  1. this sounds promising
    o and BTW can anyone post a buloliten for a pocatello ID team for me im tryin to start one but everyone ignores me when i try help would b much appriciated

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