PM7 Released – What Now, PM6?


As many of you probably know, the new Proto Matrix 2007, or PM7, has been released. Yes of course it’s going to look slimmer and more l33t; but what about the PM6? There have been only minor internal adjustments to Proto’s new release. Proto, as well as every other paintball marker manufacturer, focuses more on the physical looks of the gun, so it seems as if there bigger changes to the newer model than you think. Oh, and they jack the price up $400 more just for kicks. My theory involves the idea that there really isn’t much to the PM7 other than the looks, so why not go with the PM6? Now, I’m not saying that the PM7 isn’t a great gun… It sure is. Quite honestly it does look very attractive – but is it worth the money? That’s for you to decide.

In the mean time, read up on the 2006 Proto Matrix, and see if that won’t quench your urge.

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