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Tippmann/Spyder Paintball Poll

Our previous paintball poll was created almost a week ago, and the results are already showing. Our hope was to find out from the paintball community, who really is the Man: Tippmann or Kingman?

With over 400 votes, I believe it’s safe to say that Tippmann is winning the race of “Most preferred Paintball Gun” on the market today. Tippmann is currently leading the poll with 46% of all votes. Kingman Spyder trails closely behind with 43% of total votes. About 10% of player’s preference leans towards ‘Others’, as in, neither Tippmann or Spyder is preferred.

An interesting poll, just as predicted. Both Tippmann and Kingman Spyder are highly recognized in the paintball industry. However, I think the slight advantage Tippmann customer’s have over Kingman’s Spyder is reliability. How often do you hear about Kingman Spyders breaking down over Tippmann’s? If it’s anything like my field, Tippmann dominates reliability. That’s what sets them apart.

Spyders are still good guns, don’t get me wrong. But we’re not looking for good here… we’re looking for the best. 🙂

The poll will continue to stay active, just so we can show even more accurate results in time.

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8 replies on “The Votes are In”

  1. For the most part i agree tippmann show better reliability on the field compared to spyder. but in a longer period of time spyders dominate.

    the tippmanns i have dealt with do NOT age well after 5 year. they are harder to diagnose and more expense to fix.

    Spyders are far easier to fix anybody can take 80% of those markers with out any serious did i put it together right thought. their parts are cheaper to replace and maintain.

    I will agree the brand new performance of a tippmann outperforms a new spyder (there may be an exception)

    My personal experience is not only what i said plus I have an a-5 and a spyder sonix both about 4-5 years old. My have is in nuclear melt down mode as i write this (8/31/07) now leaking air out of ever place it can. My spyder has be a savor to me. It has more kills against all the tippymanns i played against than any of them have on me. The only complaint i would have is the range . but im not going to trade its reliability for speed and power.


  2. Hell yea my tippy is more sexy then any spyder on the market. I put so much money into that lil negroe

  3. tippmanns are an ok gun but i think for the most part spyders are much better. true, tippmanns are slightly more reliable but spyders have more handy features and are so much easier to take apart and put together and cost alot less.

  4. Well, I guess I did write this too early. Nevertheless, what features are you talking about Joseph?

    All the gun needs to be able to do is shoot the paintballs at a constant rate and velocity.

    I guess another line dividing Tippmanns and Spyders is the idea of “features” on a gun. Tippmann, obviously being absent of a lot of features, but providing simple reliability.

    When you have more features, you have more problems, eh? 🙂

  5. but think about it kyle….
    Spyders are alot easier to upgrade, are alot lighter and are more versitile as speedball/woodsball than a tippmann. Spyders are reliable, but tippmanns are more. They are basically indestructable, but look at resale. 60 bucks on a new gun when they cost alot more than that. Spyders are now making a move to more ‘higher end’. For example they brought out their VS series, which Tippmann cannot compeat with. but when you think of tippmann, just to get a response trigger you have to do alot of work just for something that isnt totally great. For a spyder, you can buy a esp frame or what not and just use the allen wrenches and add it on.

    That is just a few examples.
    Dont get me wrong, tippmann is still great for the person who goes a few times a year at birthday parties or what not, who dont want to maintain the gun. But spyders are definatly a step up than that

  6. I completely agree with your reasoning. I was caught by surprise when the Spyder’s vote count jumped up and over Tippmann’s in the poll.

    Both are great guns. I was hoping the poll would be accurate enough (at the time) to display what paintballer’s really prefer.

    I’ll definitely be updating this post with more accurate information.

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