What is Paintball Anyway?


Sorry for not posting for the last few days. Today I got my wisdom teeth out (all four of them), so it gave me a chance to catch up on my writing. I decided to write a huge, comprehensive article on what Paintball actually is. The purpose of the post is so that you can either educate yourself on Paintball’s history, rules, and game types; or to be able to share it with your parents or wife/husband and educate them about the sport you love so dearly ;).

Hopefully somebody learns something from it. I tried to apply all my knowledge to it, so it should be pretty thorough.

2 replies on “What is Paintball Anyway?”

  1. if u are playing bush you sjould be moving at all time so that it is harder for the other team to spot u and if ur sneaky enough u might be able to do a suicide move. but if u are a noob like all people are tht ply bush then u are probaly scared of getting hit but try to stay alive. but for more exsperiecend players play bush and own the shit out of them and if to easy go to speedball and write about the exsperience there

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