Woodsball or Speedball? (another poll)

I keep hearing from people that woodsball/recball is the more popular paintball game play over speedball, but I never see any evidence in my area. Everyone I know is a speedball fanatic. Here’s another public poll to see what players like yourself prefer: Woodsball or speedball. I encourage you to cast your own vote as well.

What exactly gears you to one game play over the other? And why aren’t there any other types of game play present in the sport? Feel free to comment.


10 replies on “Woodsball or Speedball? (another poll)”

  1. I don’t think speedball will ever beat woodsball in a poll. Not that speedball isn’t great, heck its the most recognized part of the sport for tournaments and such. But the average newbie player when he/she thinks of paintball, thinks of a woodsball/scenarioball game. Most people, especially the youngins, are introduced to the sport through a woodsball game.

  2. woodball will be better then speedball but thats only cuz people are introduced to it more then speedball is.

  3. I’ve played both and the rush of speedball just isn’t the same as woodsball. besides, in woodsball you can climb trees in your ghille suit and pick people off like i do :] if anyone wants to play some 1 on 1 or even a big team battle or something hit me up.

    -ghille sniper-

  4. Speedball will never appeal to me. I honestly don’t see the fun in bright shiny guns firing 1000 balls a second and neon clothes with logos all over them. I prefer scenario stuff. It’s tactical and more strategic…not just shoot em up. If you were a hunter would you rather stand over an open field with hundreds of turkey or whatever and a submachine gun, or actually hunt your prey for that heart thumping one shot do or die kill? That’s where the moments and the stories come from. I rest my case.

  5. I agree with bird man, why choose between two good things? I prefer to play in the woods but if I can’t do that then i go play speedball. They are both the same sport, one just uses more paint.

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